Drone rock bohemoths

Om are one of the acts Portishead chose as a Ones To Watch in Issue 29 of Clash magazine, read more and download a free compilation of the tracks here.


Despite their rather unrevealing name, shared by about ten other bands, Om make utterly unique music devised around the tension of space, silence and musings about the cosmos… And inordinate levels of sub bass.

Formed originally of two members that provided the rhythm section for ’90s doom metal band Sleep, Om evoke a world of warlocks, witches and Sabbath with their psychedelic riff rock. Their walls of decibel have recruited wide ranging fans and Portishead’s Geoff is a paid up obsessive when he cries: “Heavy as you like. Brilliant.”

With musical structures that mirror Tibetan chanting they blend metal, chant, drone and dub with lyrics that expound upon the structure of the universe, potentiality and freedom from the physical body. They are the perfect stoner band, a fact not lost on our curator: “I wish I could smoke weed, that’s all I can say about them. Bluesy psychedelic doom.”

The original line-up have released three albums to date, ‘Variations On A Theme’ (2005), ‘Conference Of The Birds’ (2006) and ‘Pilgrimage’ (2007).

A new drummer has recently been revealed and Om are set to release another long player later in the year, guaranteed to pummel your senses into oblique nirvana once again.

Listen to: The brilliant fuzzy doom of ‘Flight Of The Eagle’ from ‘Conference Of The Birds’.

Fact: Om is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions. It was also the name of Lister’s band in ’90’s TV show Red Dwarf.


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