Earthy, technical rap
Clash Magazine - Ones To Watch - Angel Haze

Inspirations and influences are as accurate a signpost for an artist’s musical bearing as any sat nav on today’s market.

“I always wanted to be Angelina Jolie  in all those films where she just kicks ass and films where girls are really edgy and you can’t fuck with them,” exclaims rap varmint Angel Haze. “That’s what I try to embody, but I can’t do any of the kicky shit that they do.”

Although lacking the dojo efficient limbs of Xena, the twenty-year-old tongue exudes lyrics with all the fiery turbulence of an undefeated sensei, bridled by an intimate relationship with the dictionary.  “I was grounded for quitting my job and  then I had shit else to do so I wrote out the dictionary twice in a book. I need to do it again because that shit slips your brain after a while, but now my vocabulary is really extensive.”

Angel’s blasé approach to rap bratism spawned from a childhood sans-music. Born in Michigan to a military family that was involved with the Greater Apostolic Faith, a church Haze likens to a cult, she missed all the teenage frivolities of life until she was sixteen. Hence, the explosion of brutal honesty on subjects such as religion, sexuality and all matters seemingly taboo.

Now settled in the NY rap melting pot that rustled up a similar femme fatale  identity in Nicki Minaj, Angel is sitting pretty o’er a mound of particularly tipped buzz acts. Note, however, that her raw and coarse steez couldn’t be any less like Minaj. Get that correct.

Island Records had the right idea, and just before this went to print Angel became their latest recruit. It comes after the Internet gawped over ‘Reservation EP’; avolatile diary of her thoughts direct from the parietal lobe that reeked crudity. It’s just like Fuck didn’t give a fuck and Clash couldn’t be more inexplicably enticed. 

Words by Errol Anderson
Photo by Cameron Alexander
Hair and Make Up by Anne Sophie Costa using MAC

WHERE: New York/Michigan
WHAT: Earthy, technical rap
GET 3 SONGS: 'Supreme', 'New York', 'No Church In The Wild (freestyle)
UNIQUE FACT: Angel detests seasoning on her food. No pepper or salt.



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