Hanging out, virtually…

Solo artist, label boss and producer, the multi-talented Sean Lennon is also one-half of The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger (aka The GOASTT).

Best known as guitarist for The Strokes, Albert Hammond, Jr has forged his own solo career with two albums, and a new EP.

As Sean prepared to drop the latest album from The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, the ethereal duo he formed with girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Clash asked him to suggest someone he should hook up with for this feature. Old friend and fellow New Yorker Albert, whose EP, ‘AHJ’, came out on Strokes bandmate Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records last October, was top of the list.

However, the two were unable to hook up on the phone, since Sean was under orders not to speak amid fears of him losing his voice before some crucial gigs that week at South By Southwest. Instead, we embraced the digital revolution and brought them together on Google Hangouts, where the pair frantically typed away while excitedly catching up. What follows is a verbatim record of their conversation, with typos and all. Just without the emoticons. 

- - -

The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, ‘Moth To A Flame’ (from the new album, ‘Midnight Sun’)

- - -

Albert Hammond, Jr, ‘Strange Tidings’ (from the EP, ‘AHJ’)

- - -

SEAN: So, Albert, can you see me yet?

ALBERT: i see you

SEAN: a building blew up this morning (March 12th, 2014) on 116th st in east harlem. A lot happening in the world. Also, I just read that vanilla and strawberry ‘natural flavoring’ in yogurt products can be made from Beaver Anus.

ALBERT: they also do that with fish in restaurant

SEAN: I feel like we’re having a virtual orgy with a bunch of Siris. Like a digital swinger party.

ALBERT: i feel like I’m chatting up a bird

SEAN: With fish? What do they do?

ALBERT: they use the cheap parts of meat. like in fried calamari is the same consistency as pig intestine

SEAN: I feel like I should be showing you my nipples. What are you wearing?

ALBERT: im in bed. in my underwear with my tour manager matt looking at me

SEAN: I read about a guy who cooked his foreskin into some calamari to take revenge on someone. I think it worked.

ALBERT: he used old foreskin or new foreskin? does it work if you thought it was delicious?

SEAN: That’s the thing isn’t it? What if he was a good cook? Then it sort of backfires. Sort of.... It’s like, ‘jokes on you bastard! I liked it!’ Roast up yor nuts now asshole!

ALBERT: that is very true......

SEAN: I ran into (record producer) David Kahne and he mentioned how cool Cult records is and I was thinking how we’re both doing the NYC boutique home label thing.

ALBERT: the labels are both really cool things. how is david?

SEAN: David is cool. I love that guy. So smart and nice. Dude, your guys website is awesome. Took us a long time to configure ours. Love all your video clips too.

ALBERT: the cult site?

SEAN: Yeah, the Cult Site, that’s the one w 2 girls and a cup right? Back to David though, yeah, he’s a really cool cat. And he loves you guys a lot.

ALBERT: really had no idea he was a fan. thats awesome. he seems like he would have some amazing stories to tell

SEAN: Kahne is really interesting, because he’s sort of like David Attenborough or something, they offered him lots of cushy CEO positions, but he’d rather be in the trenches. I respect that.

ALBERT: really

SEAN: Man, I'm bummed because I feel like the Goastt are gonna be starting to tour right as you get off. Have missed you much. Been following you a bit through the inter web. You’re just non-stop.

ALBERT: yeah we need to do a tour together

SEAN: Just so we can spend a little time together.

ALBERT: maybe we can do america in the fall and i’ll put out more music. i want to hang out.

SEAN: Wait, so tell me how you managed to line up your mouth with lyrics on that video you just did (‘Strange Tidings’, above). With all the still shots.

ALBERT: it wasn’t stills....i had to sing the song 5x slower

SEAN: oooooh, I get it.

ALBERT: the 3 min song was 17 min long haha.

SEAN: Amazing, but I really swear to god I was thinking recently to do something similar. You can ask Charlotte. That video is soooo dope. I like how simple it is.

ALBERT: i believe you

SEAN: I like how casual your outfit is.

ALBERT: thanks man

SEAN: Feels classic.

ALBERT: it was cold...very cold and it was the start of the tour...didnt want to lose my voice...it was the “i didn’t want to lose my voice” outfit

SEAN: do you have a voice coach? Because I always lose my voice. I think it’s from talking loudly over music in restaurants and bars

ALBERT: i don’t but I’ve been told i shouldn’t speak after shows....

SEAN: That’s what it is, and after shows you get excited and wanna talk to your friends.

ALBERT: i lost mine badly on my last tour with jake bugg, had one show that was insane......

SEAN: Just start rapping like P-Diddy saying, ‘yo this is the remix...’

ALBERT: hahahahaha

SEAN: I hope they leave in all the typos. Keep it real. The nuances.

ALBERT: so many. trying to type fast. well i’m gonna go get breakfast and shower....got a show in 2 hours, leaving in 1

SEAN: Oh man, have a good one. I’ll see you soon.

ALBERT: love you

SEAN: love you brother.

- - -

The GOASTT’s new album ‘Midnight Sun’ is out now on Chimera Music. Albert Hammond, Jr. tours the UK in May. The EP ‘AHJ’ is out now on Cult Records.

Online: The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger / Albert Hammond, Jr

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