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Clash has already done its share of shouting about the new Crocodiles LP, ‘Crimes Of Passion’ (reviewed here), and even sat down with the pair – sort of – to thrash out a detailed Q&A on the band’s state of affairs (read that here).

Returning the favour, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell have gone and sent Clash a bunch of songs that they’ve been positively rocking too lately. Call this a playlist, if you like. We have.

- - -

Peter Hammill – ‘Nadir’s Big Chance’ (1975)

Punk before punk! Peter Hammill lyrically lays waste to the decaying glitter scene and calls for revolution in song. The spiritual blueprint for all the young punks.

- - -

Alex Chilton – ‘Hey! Little Child’ (1979)

There is something so innocent and earnest in this song, from the simplicity of the melody and chords to the directness of the words. This song makes you feel good!

- - -

Guided By Voices – ‘Motor Away’ (1995)

This song will always remind me of a close friend of ours who passed away a few months ago. He was mainly interested in quite abrasive music but he had a secret soft spot for perfect pop. Often times when drunk he’d start talking about GBV and almost inadvertently break into this song, playing air guitar and finger pointing as if it were a hardcore song. 

- - -

Ray Barretto – ‘Together’ (1969)

Classic Nuyorican soul! Only a corpse would be unmoved by this song!

- - -

Cherry Vanilla – ‘The Punk’ (1977)

This is really cute in a sort of corny punksploitation kind of way, but f*ck me if that chorus isn’t an earworm!

- - -

P.P. Arnold – ‘Angel Of The Morning’ (1968)

A lot of people have recorded this song, from ABBA to The Pretenders, but P.P.’s is my favorite. Easily one of the greatest soul singers of the ‘60s, it’s mind boggling that she wasn't a huge star in the USA. The guy who wrote this (Chip Taylor) is one of our favorite songwriters. 

- - -

Lightnin’ Rod – ‘Sport’ (1973)

There are some songs that when you hear them instantly make you feel cool, almost eternal, like you've transformed into the person you’ve always wanted to be but were too scared to be. This song is at the top of my list.

- - -

The Stranglers – ‘Walk On By’ (1978)

I have been hearing this one around a lot. The other day I was in a pub and this came on over the speaker very loudly and I began to dance. People laughed but I didn’t mind. They created a sound that could only have been equalled in prose by the great songwriters from generations gone by!

- - -

Jackie Edwards – ‘Sea Cruise’ (1964)

Well this one isn’t hard to sort out. It’s an incredibly uplifting tune rerecorded in one of the most uplifting styles of music every created. Bazingo!

- - -

Adam And The Ants – ‘Zerox’ (1979)

I took a risk on this at Rough Trade in their cheap 45 bin, and to my surprise it’s one of the best punk tunes ever recorded. He was quite head of his time. A friend who saw them live in the late ‘70s said that they were the most ferocious and by far the best live band on the London punk scene back then.

- - -

Thomas Leer – ‘International’ (1978)

This song makes me think of a tiny music box covered in newspaper clippings that you keep on your windowsill. It’s intimate but still larger than life. Thomas writes in a most unusual way.

- - -

‘Crimes Of Passion’ is out now on Crocodiles’ own Zoo Music label. Find the duo online: Facebook  / Twitter

Photo: Jacob Lillis

Thanks to Marc Zanotti

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