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Eugene McGuinness

Celebrated British singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness is back with a new LP for Domino, ‘Chroma’. The set features none other than Tom Herbert and Leo Taylor on bass and drums respectively. Ring a bell or two? That’s the rhythm section of The Invisible, right there. Nice. Production on the 11-track album comes from Dan Carey. Watch and listen to the single (and album opener) ‘Godiva’, below…

Eugene put together a Playlist of his most cherished influences for us, to mark the (out now!) release of his fourth studio album. It looks a lot like what’s below.

- - -

The La’s – ‘Callin’ All’

“Apart from a few exceptions, the bands I love tend to hail from anywhere north of Milton Keynes. I love The La’s mainly for this guy’s voice but also how the rhythm rolls – you can hear Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley in the feel. Most rock bands can’t roll, but The La’s could.

- - -

Marvin Gaye – ‘That’s The Way Love Is’

“I think this might've been a B-side to ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. (It was actually a single in its own right, released in the summer of 1969 and going top 10.) The songwriting from this era is a massive influence on anything I do. The strings and backing vocals are pure class, as is the main man himself. Obvs.”

- - -

The Bohicas – ‘Swarm’/‘Crush Me’

“Every now and then a band comes along and immediately forces the others to play catch up. Honestly, this is so much better than anything else that can touch a guitar on this island.”

- - -

Harry Nilsson – ‘Jump Into The Fire’

“I could’ve picked any one of his songs. I love the guy, he was bonkers. But his voice on this track is off the hook. Look at all the fun you can have with one chord. Providing that you can growl and howl like a werewolf.”

- - -

The Beach Boys – ‘Do It Again’

“The drum intro has been getting me euphoric since I was about six. By the time they're singing the ‘hey now, hey now’ bit, you usually have to peel me off the ceiling.”

- - -

The Stone Roses – ‘I Am The Resurrection’

“If the last one's about the intro, then surely this is about the outro…? F*ck it, it’s all great. That’s what a band with passion sounds like, people. Posers and hipsters, take note.”

- - -

Johnny Cash – ‘I See A Darkness’

“I swear I once heard someone sing ‘Hurt’ on The X Factor or something. Yippee. It’d be hilarious if they’d done this instead. Devastating. Not for the faint hearted, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s original is wonderful, too.”

- - -

The Bee Gees – ‘To Love Somebody’

“Somehow I’d never heard this song until recently, so forgive me, all you eye-rollers. It’s an amazing bit of melodic songwriting. I think it was before the helium.”

- - -

The Desert Sessions – ‘It’

“‘It’ has always been my favourite Prince tune. And I’ve got a few of The Desert Sessions albums, and I adore them. Well then, imagine my delight, people, when... You get it. This is cool, sexy stuff.”

- - -

Morrissey – ‘The Last Of The Famous International Playboys’

“The title alone should be celebrated. It just swaggers into that huge chorus, and I love it. Songs that sound so good they could be deemed dangerous, physically harmful… It’s a beast.”

- - -

Photo: John Bergman

‘Chroma’ is out now on Domino. Find Eugene McGuinness online here

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