As purchased from charity shops across the UK...

IDLES are a force to be reckoned with.

Bristol punks with a heart of gold, the band's righteous live show fuses social awareness with a desire to kick out the jams at a ferocious volume.

Recently completing yet another lung-bursting UK tour, the group are now set to give their cult debut album another vinyl pressing.

Due to play Standon Calling this weekend, IDLES have pieced together a tour playlist for Clash - but there's a difference...

Each track was picked up from a different charity shop around the UK, meaning that you get some fantastic sounds while a variety of charities get a little bit extra.

Now, that's definitely a fair deal.

- - -

- - -

When we did our UK Brutalism tour in March we challenged each other to find albums in charity shops from each town we played; what happened next was nothing short of a fantastical journey into the country's musical graveyard… and about 56 copies of Finley Quaye.

- - -

Dizzee Rascal - 'Stop Dat'

'Boy In Da Corner' is one of the best albums of all time. This song is as infectious as a song can be. It is the essence of grime and it made us so so happy angry in the van. Stoke, Mind Charity.

- - -

Idlewild - 'Little Discourage'

This was smashed out on the road to Aberdeen. We couldn't shut Dev up singing his little ginger heart out, bless him. Classic album from an unsung band. Liverpool, St. Peter's Hospice.

- - -

Talking Heads - 'Girlfriend Is Better'

'Stop Making Sense' was used as audible cocaine; on the long legs between here and there where we started to hate each other. Birmingham, Oxfam.

- - -

Sex Swing - 'Murder Witness'

On leaving Sheffield into the darkness for Bakewell Bowen pulled out Sex Swing knowing full well we all wanted to feel like we were driving into hellfire for a bit. Wonderful band. Peak District, Bowen's car.

- - -

Frank Sinatra - 'A Very Good Year'

I wanted Frank Sinatra for the long journey home to sing and cry into an empty hummus pot. I got his greatest hits in the second town we played, it was beautiful. I sang and I cried. Hull, British Heart Foundation.

- - -

Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown - 'Blueberry'

I made a mix tape for a drive to Bournemouth once and this song became the only song we played for about 60 miles. A4, my car.

- - -

Schoolboy Q - 'Hands On The Wheel'

This was also on the playlist. This was played for the next 60 miles. This song inspired the idea for our'26/27' video. A36, my car.

- - -

Diat - 'Toonie'

Stew from LIFE put me on to this band when we met properly in Hull and I've been on them ever since. Real nice driving music this, I'm looking forward to seeing them live soon.

- - -

Less Win - 'Zyla'

We listened to 'GREAT' on the way back from Bourges and sparked up a real nice and rare discussion about a new band, it wa aloofly moment and a shit hot record. Some port, Danny Nedelko.

- - -

Chan Dizzy - 'Warning Shot'

This was us for quite a fucking while. Seriously. Just this track for ages.

- - -

Standon Calling runs between July 28th - 30th.

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