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Karma Kid

Karma Kid is barely out of his teens, but already the producer's sound – house of a deep and soulful ilk – has grabbed attention.

Working with labels such as Future Classic, the prodigal beat-maker has been able to take his work to the next level.

A fixture on the festival scene, Karma Kid is set to play Croatia Rocks this summer, with the Derbyshire lad bringing his sound to Central Europe. But there's more to Karma Kid than meets the eye.

Growing up as a hip hop head, the producer absorbed sounds from every angle – here's a quick selection.

- - -

Busdriver - 'Imaginary Places'

This was my favourite track on Tony Hawks Underground, so it's very nostalgic for me.

- - -

The East Flastbush Project - 'Tried By 12'

Love the dark vibe to this one. Always thought the oriental pluck set it off, It reminds me of a samurai or something.

- - -

Jeremiah Jae - 'The Heat'

Up there with my favourite modern hip hop tracks. I love the way there's no beats and it's all based around one rough sample. The whole mixtape sounds like a damaged record which really appeals to me.

- - -

J Dilla - 'Baby' (Featuring Guilty Simpson and Madlib)

My favourite track from the best beat maker in history! No list is complete without Dilla.

- - -

Rosco P. Coldchain - 'Hot' (feat. Pusha T & Boo-Bonic)
'Less is more' never made so much sense than it does with this track. The Neptunes never fail to amaze me with their consistency.

- - -

Breez Evahflowin - 'Dip... Dip'
Wreck records put out my all time favourite hip hop records from Breez, Asheru, Black Moon and more. This one particularly stands out to me and takes me back to being 14.

- - -

Black Moon - 'Reality'

Another big favourite of mine from Wreck. Reminds me of washed out, hazy summer days nights.

- - -

Karma Kid will be playing at Croatia Rocks July 19th - 23rd in Pag, Croatia. Tickets start at £99 and can be found at www.croatiarocks.com/

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