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Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie is a duo that has, without a doubt, helped to sculpt the British electronic landscape, leaving indelible imprints.

After going quiet after 2010’s ‘Crooks & Lovers’ (Clash review), Kai Campos and Dom Maker signed to Warp and crafted a stunning new full-length.

“I think our songwriting’s changed,” says Kai when the pair spoke to Clash about their highly rated second LP, ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ – one of our albums of the year so far.

“I think we’re trying to realise ideas in a clearer and bolder fashion, and being a little bit less vague about what we’re doing. We’re more confident in what we’re doing, really.”

The pair has handpicked a playlist of tracks for Clash that are on heavy rotation, which Kai describes as “a fairly broad range of interesting music, I guess. It’s quite wide in its scope.”

Dom adds: “I think we’re excited and interested in a different type of sound to what we were with the last album. And, you know, that last album was made up of quite a small selection of sound that we were interested in at the time. Our tastes have broadened.”

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Lee Gamble – ‘Tvash Kwawar’

Kai: “Just a really sonically interesting record that we listened to in the studio a bit, and I guess it’s influenced by dance music, but it’s not really dance music.”

Actress – ‘Floating In Ecstasy’

Dom: “Well, we’re just massive fans of everything that Actress puts out, and the new record’s fantastic.”

Alex Cameron – ‘Gone South’

Kai: “He’s a guy from a band that supported us in Australia called CK, and it’s his foray into his solo project. It’s really good. It’s slightly John Maus, ‘80s-influenced stuff.”

Andrés – ‘New For You’

Dom: “I really like this release. I bought it on vinyl and, yeah, I was just blown away by it.”

Cupp Cave – ‘Mind Bones’

Kai: “I was record shopping in Belgium and just trying to find local stuff. A guy who was showing us around took us to a record shop where there was some local act who was selling, like, 100 copies of (t)his LP.”

Ether Island – ‘Season Of Risk’

Dom: “‘Season Of Risk’ is a short EP by these Australian guys, and they’re really into the use of guitar and vocal. It’s a really massive sound, but it’s also really squashed. It’s awesome.”

Shit & Shine – ‘Ladies Circles’

Kai: “I don’t know too much about them but it’s just really good. This is on a split record, and you have 10 seconds of quite industrial, driving noise music that’s really exciting.”

Andrzej Korzyński – ‘Secret Enigma’

Dom: “He does soundtrack work, and this is a collection of a number of things that he’s done over the years. It’s just the diversity of that collection of songs that’s fantastic. The guy’s an incredible talent, with great musicianship.”

Group Rhoda – ‘Virtual Dancer’

Kai: “Very poppy, electro kind of spaced-out stuff from San Francisco, that’s very good.”

John Maus – ‘Hey Moon’

Dom: “I love the vocal line and the synth line, as well, is great. I think it’s been quite an influence on the record that we wrote, so…”

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