London-based producer delivers expansive set...

Roscius allows his live performances to seep into his recordings, and vice versa.

It's a curious, profoundly organic loop, one that seems to let fresh ideas creep into both aspects of his work. New EP 'WMD#2' is out now on MUTA, and it's an inquisitive return from the producer.

The material matches found sounds - a recording made at the famous Tebay Petrol station in the Lake District, for example - alongside glistening house and techno influences, delivered with an IDM flourish.

Available now, Roscius decided to piece together a special live improvisational mix as an introduction to his work. It's a free-flowing, meditative work, one that is by turns deeply cerebral and yet physical, funky.

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Flavien Prioreau

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