Interview with The Shoes

French duo The Shoes are just one the many bands who will take to the Garage stage at the end of the month for the Relentless Energy Sessions Festival.

We caught up with them to get the lowdown…

In the beginning...
We’ve been friends since we were about ten, as we went to school together and have been making music together since we were about thirteen or fourteen, in order to impress the girls. Cliched, I know. We did covers of The Cure and things like that. Coming from a smalltown in France, there wasn’t much else to do.

What’s your musical vision?
We’ve always loved the idea of singles. We’ve never made ten minute long experimental tracks, we just want to make clear pop songs with good vocals

How has your music evolved?
We’ve always stuck together and must have been in about ten different bands, covered all different genres. Glam rock, Drum ‘n’ Bass, house, electronica…we’ve done it all..But right now we’ve found what we like and we’re sticking with that. It’s definitely a mixture of everything we’ve been into over the years.

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Tell me about your choice of collaborators...
We’ve collaborated with a lot of English singers, on this album we made songs with Esser, Wave Machines, Primary One, Cocknbullkid. They’re all friends I’ve made because I come to the UK a lot.

What’s your live setup like?
Being on stage feels like a pretty natural thing to us. When we play live we have a drummer who plays lots of exotic rhythms. We like to dress sharp too;wearing suits.

Describe your sound in three words
Hi-fi – everyone is making lo-fi at the moment so it’s a reaction against that. Bright. And POP.

What on your sonic radar at the moment?
I listen to a lot of old stuff-got back into The Cure recently. But in terms of new artists, I love The Drums, Arial Pink is my favourite singer, Tender Forever, Wavves and These New Puritans for their drumming.

Have you got a favourite pair or style of shoes?
I love Brothel Creepers and Chelsea Boots.

The Shoes play the Relentless Energy Sessions Festival in London on Thursday 21st October. Tickets are available HERE

Words by April Welsh

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