Rey Pila Lift The Lid On Mexico's Hidden Musical Gems

Rey Pila Lift The Lid On Mexico's Hidden Musical Gems

Exposing the country's vital underground...

Rey Pila's decade-long journey is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Mexican group have made an international impact, with their taut songwriting layered in intriguing.

New album 'Velox Veritas' lands on August 21st, and it finds Rey Pila once more throwing the dice, and accepting fresh chances.

Revered producer Dave Sitek takes the helm, for what could be one of the band's most nuanced, outright satisfying documents to date.

Clash caught up with Rey Pila, who kindly lifted the lid on some of Mexico's underground music heroes...

- - -

Sonic Emerson

Sebastian Neyra is a prolific musician of the Mexican underground, both as a musician (he’s played in several bands and currently is a part of Mint Field) and as a producer.

Sonic Emerson is his solo project moniker, and he’s just released a great new home recorded album if you’re a lover of psychedelia/kraut/shoegaze. A hidden gem.

- - -

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Seems this band is better known outside of Mexico than in Mexico. At least from our point of view. But they have a wide array of fine textures and sonics, mostly in the lines of psyche/noise.

Don’t know too much of them, but we like what we hear...

- - -

All Tomorrow’s Songs

Really like this band! Musically they have a very clear idea of what they want to sound like. Bittersweet atmospheres and heart breaking lyrics. A good example of 'Mexican goth'.

- - -

Little Jesus

Full disclosure: these guys are our good friends. We’ve seen them grow out of the Mexican indie underground into major label big festival stages, but always retaining their core identity.

Original dudes, good music and visual imagery that accompanies their sounds. Imagine Wes Anderson putting together a Mexican indie pop band.

- - -

Martin Thulin

We’re cheating here. Martin was not born in Mexico, he’s Swedish. BUT he’s been making music over here for over two decades, and is considered as Mexican by many.

One of the most original musicians/producers of the indie/underground scene.

- - -

 'Velox Veritas' is out on August 21st.

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