Rough around the edges grunge pop

Rosie Red Rash are one of the acts Portishead chose as a Ones To Watch in Issue 29 of Clash magazine, read more and download a free compilation of the tracks here.


As Bananarama once so insightfully regurgitated, it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it. Rosie Redrash come hurtling out of the leftfield with this mantra firmly between their teeth.

Red Rash is four girls - in fact four incredibly young girls - from Bristol producing rough-around-the-edges grunge pop.

Geoff imparts his unique love for them: “They are what people get into music for. Really young girls that don’t really play their instruments properly that have just got this thing. Badly recorded but decent songs. Everything else just doesn’t matter. You know when people have this weird set of influences and you haven’t got a clue where they come from. When I talk to them and say The Slits and ESG they haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about. People get really into being like, ‘we’re gonna form a band, it’s gonna be like this and like that.’ They just haven’t got a clue. They are more into spending the night in Ikea than getting fucked up. It’s really cool. It’s not CSS with this bubbling hair-cutted machine behind it. They are not cool. They are wicked.”

Listen to: Top tracks ‘Tear And A Wink’ and ‘Faeries’.

Fact: Geoff stumbled across them in a pub in Bristol.


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