Rounding up the week's hottest releases...

Born in Vienna but now based in Manchester, salute has packed a lot in to his 20 years.

The rising artist seems to absorb all that comes across his path, spewing this out in a stream of vivid, ambitious pop music.

New mini-album 'My Heart' drops on August 19th, with the video for new cut 'Storm' addressing the enormous feeling of unrest brewing across the UK.

Here, salute takes a look at the latest single releases.

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ABC - 'The Flames Of Desire'

If there’s one thing about this song that impresses me, it’s how drastic the not cheesy to cheesy transition is. The intro is fantastic.. lovely chords, warm strings, what’s not to like about such a mixture? Then you hear everything else fade in and it all just kind of collapses. The random “veni, vidi, vici” lyric right in the middle of the instrumental breakdown section actually made me giggle slightly though. Can imagine this going off at some sort of 60+ dance party, but the unbelievably poppy songwriting made this a bit hard to listen to. Sorry.

- - -

Blossoms - 'Charlemagne'

Was this featured in an advert? I think so. I’ve heard this before, I like it. Really sounds like it belongs in the next FIFA game, it has that sort of laid-back vibe. The chorus is super catchy, I can tell I’ll be singing it to myself all week. Lovely little melody right there. The song isn’t exactly very spectacular, but I can see it going huge - it’s quite likeable.

- - -

Chase & Status - 'Spoken Work' ft. George The Poet

The most noticeable thing about this song is its resemblance with their 2011 single, ‘Time’ (which I actually remixed for their remix competition back then under a completely different name). The whole 140bpm-amen-break-with-an-epic-sounding-vocal-in-the-chorus thing has been done often before, rendering this song slightly boring, but I know for a fact that if I heard this at a festival in the middle of the night, I would not hesitate to jump up and down. Chase & Status are amazing at what they do - I just probably wouldn’t listen to this song in my own time.

- - -

Eric Clapton - 'Spiral'

If I didn’t absolutely despise Eric Clapton as much as I do, I would say this song is average at best. The man is a complete asshole though, so I disregard anything he makes. Nobody who has the audacity to say what he did at an 1976 concert of his should even be given the time of day. The irony lies within the fact that he essentially makes black music. Shame. Back to the song - the crescendos in the choruses are quite cool and some of the chord progressions are very R&B, which is always enjoyable. I don’t plan on listening to this man’s music again though.

- - -

Geko ft Afro B - 'Y'

You know what? This needs to stop. First tropical house, now this. Why is everyone trying to recreate 'Lean On'? Yes, it was one of the best songs of last year and probably stands among the best electronic crossover tunes of all time - but all of these attempts at trying to be Major Lazer are jarring. Jarring, man. Instrumental content aside, this is just boring. Any song instructing me to ‘show you what I have’ or ‘drop it to the floor’ is a song I can do without. Mainly because dropping it to the floor has become old. This isn’t 2004 anymore. The trap breakdown in the end is a lovely little slap in the face too.

- - -

Leann Rimes- 'The Story'

Wow. I am being really negative right now, I know - but I can’t help it. Isn’t this Brandi Carlile’s song? This version just doesn’t cut it for me, I am sorry. It sounds really watered down and her timbre doesn’t suit the mood well. Brandi’s version is really good, though. I actually had it on my iPod when it came out.. also, the tambourine loop in LeAnn’s version is so recognisable that everything else fades away and all I can hear is the lazy shake and hit on the 2 and 4 (although, to be honest, most people listening to this probably clap on 1 and 3). Again, my apologies.

- - -

Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors - 'Sucker For Pain'

This is hard! Love it. Interesting throwing Imagine Dragons in the mix, but they did a really good job. This song doesn’t try too hard, it doesn’t do too much, it’s chill while still managing to pack a serious punch. Love Ty Dolla $igns bit the most, he came THROUGH with the catchy melodies. Wish he had a longer part in it. My only issue with this song is that the collaboration is far too A&R-y - completely synthetic. Then again, the song was made for Suicide Squad.. $$ is all I can say to that.

- - -

salute's mini-album 'My Heart' will be released on August 19th.

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