Scandi-Pop Riser Agnes Breaks Down Her Sound

Scandi-Pop Riser Agnes Breaks Down Her Sound

Her new EP is inspired by disco, A$AP Rocky, and ballroom culture...

Agnes is part of Scandinavian pop's golden generation.

Taking pop tropes and obliterating them into pieces, she's able to conjure emphatic mosaics of sound with the results.

Her new EP 'Nothing Can Compare' feels like an incredible statement, fusing all manner of sounds into a bright, vivid whole.

Songwriting that comes from the heart, Agnes interweaves her music around her life to craft something enormously beguiling. Inviting Agnes to break down her new EP, she touches on disco, ballroom culture, and A$AP Mob...

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The Source ft. Candi Station - 'You Got The Love'

I am very weak for a big soul/disco anthem, and one of the greatest in my opinion is 'You've Got The Love' with Candi Staton and The Source . 

Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love'

For my new EP 'Nothing Can Compare', I was inspired by the whole soul/disco club sound in the 70s, particularly Giorgio Moroder’s sound he had around that time.

I love everything about 'I Feel Love' and incredible the combination of the ”cold” and mechanical production with Donna’s warm, soft melodies and voice.

- - -

A$AP Rocky x Tame Impala - 'Sundress'

Everything that Tame Impala do, inspires me. The sound, the melodies, the lyrics. Here is a song with A$AP Rocky where they have sampled Tame Impala.

I'm in love with this one, I’ve been playing the song on repeat. 

- - -

Moby - 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad'

Magic, pure emotions, heavenly. This inspires me in a way where I can sit for hours and sing. Don't think about anything, just heal. 

- - -

Boney M. - 'Sunny'

Strings and melodies, best party song. 

- - -

Paris Is Burning

Several of the songs on my EP are about liberation and to setting yourself free from whatever it is that holds you back. Your own thoughts, society, whatever it is.

When I saw this documentary, I was inspired to finish the song 'Limelight'. If you haven't seen the documentary, do it!

- - -

'Nothing Can Compare' EP is out now.

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