Up close with one of the country's most in-demand producers...

ADP is fast becoming one of the country's most sought after producers.

Between his work as a solo artist and a collaborator, the beat maker seems to have that golden touch, an ability to apply a personal finish to the latest sounds.

He goes a little deeper, too - M.I.A. sought him out, and the two have worked on some of her most potent, striking, and successful material yet, highly politicised but also able to work in the club.

ADP played a special set at the last Clash Live event in Miranda, Ace Hotel, and he had the crowd riveted by his display on the decks.

Clash caught up with the producer afterwards for Seven Tracks - his guide to some of his most formidable releases.

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'Movie' is probably the favourite out of my two releases as ADP as an artist, mainly for the fact that I was able to have three of my favourite artists on one song who also happen to be good friends of mine.

Making the initial song idea with Ebenezer and Tre Jean Marie was so much fun - our sessions just consist of just talking and having jokes, with making music in-between. It was the third song of the day, and we squeezed it into the last 20 minutes of our session, as soon as the chorus was down we knew it was special!

Putting B Young and Kranium on it after was such a blessing, and all three worlds meshed together seemlessly.


'Bestie' was a similar situation to how 'Movie' was made. Yungen came to chill at the studio one afternoon to just hang out, we weren't meant to even work. I remember we had Nando's and was talking about life for hours.

I randomly just started playing around on the keyboard, and the first sound I pulled up was the main sound that you hear in 'Bestie'. I started playing the chord progression and he instantly was feeling it and started just writing to it... probably an hour later the song was done with a different chorus.

I wanted to try make Yungen sing a bit which he wasn't sure about, haha! Eventually we took Yungen's chorus off and he sent it to Yxng Bane to try a new chorus... he sent it back with the 'Bestie' chorus. We put it out not expecting anything major it was more of a promo release at the beginning. Little did we know it was going to blow up and go Top 10 and platinum in under a year!

'Freak Of The Week'

'Freak Of The Week' was dope because I got to collaborate with DJ Mustard who's one of the biggest urban producer/DJs around. this song was also my first Top 10 which was such a great feeling!

I got to record Jeremiah at my studio too whilst he was in town which was a sick experience! this song still gets rinsed in clubs to this day, every time I'm out I always hear it!

M.I.A. - 'Borders'

Working with M.I.A. was amazing and means so much to me because of what she stands for as an artist... I've been a massive fan for years! I remember listening to her 'Matangi' album when it came out thinking 'OMG this shi* is ridiculous, I'd love to work with her.

Literally a year later my publisher at the time signed her too and linked us together, we made 'Borders' and from there I became her go-to producer and engineer, and mix engineer for her last album 'AIM'.

I got to travel to Jamaica with her to create the song for the H&M world recycle week campaign which was crazy!

Chris Brown - 'Frustrated'

Having two songs on Chris Brown's 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon' album was such as high for me. he's one of the greatest artists of our generation. for him to love two songs to put them on his album from early on in the recording process and them still making it on was such a sick feeling!

I wrote this song with my good friend Daecolm, he had the chorus idea on a vibe he had started... which I then made a whole new track around it and then we finished the rest of the song around it and sent it over to Chris' camp who loved it instantly! I think he cut the song the same day we sent it over!

'No Good For Me'

This song means a lot to me because it was my first ever release as an artist! I still think it's such a massive song but maybe ahead of its time... who knows.... weirdly enough the song came out exactly a year after Jeremih recorded the song... he was meant to actually only do a verse on the song, but he loved what Vory (artist/writer) who wrote and sang the demo) did so much that he sang the whole song and did his own new verse too!

With my artist career I'm all about putting different worlds together from the UK and overseas so I put Ebenezer on it after to jump on the last verse. I think Ebenezer is one of the greatest new artists to come out of the UK, which is why he's on both my singles.

PRETTYMUCH - 'Healthy'

I love this song so much from the day Julian Bunetta, Nate Cyphert And I made it in Jamaica! its such a feel good record with a throwback R&B boyband feel but on a new age rhythmic trap production.

This was the product of a lot of gin consumption and being in an amazing studio in the middle of Paradise at Geejam in Jamaica!

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Photography: Juan Ortiz Arenas
Styling: Nayaab Tania
Grooming: Lucy Thomas

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