New York producer delivers a blinding instalment...

The third mix in our SIGNAL series comes from NYC-based producer Copout, following the release of his excellent new EP on Liminal Sounds, 'Bardo'.

A producer keep to explore the club in new ways, his sound, (as illustrated by the relationship between dark & light on 'Bardo'), melds together solid, thick-edged drum programming and industrial clatter with shiny, delicate melody patterns - and it's superb.

Taking in tracks from contemporaries DJ Milktray, Celestial Trax, Bushido and more, his SIGNAL mix is pretty good too. Strap in and enjoy!

1. Who are you?
I'm a producer and artist currently living in NYC.

2. What sort of music do you make?
It's dark,hopeful, and often driven by lush melodies that are pinned against contrasting angular percussion. The hope is to create new sonic worlds and stories for imagined landscapes.

3. Describe your mix in 3 words.
Lush, Metallic, Repetitive.

- - -

- - -

Copout & Orlando Volcano - ???
DJ W3C - Digital Void
Copout - Flex
Celestial Trax - No More
Dehousy - Unknown Fluids
Nunda - Renegade
Exception Boiz - Cathulo
Julz - African Twist
DJ Milktray - Martini Glass
Bushido - Palm Tree
Dj Ramadi - Beast Mode
Mike G - Hammerhead
Moke - Sound Error
Copout - Timecode
Nocited - Acedesk
Copout - Slate
Normaling - Full Metal (House of Black Lanterns Remix)
Korma - Exogenic
Jexxa - Flydance
Martel Ferdan - Afterglow

Words: Tomas Fraser

- - -

Copout's 'Bardo' EP is out now on Liminal Sounds - Boomkat link.

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