From the 8-Bit era onwards...

Skott has never let genre barriers stand in her way.

Simply put: if it sounds good then she embraces it, no matter where it's from.

You can tell that by listening to her new single 'Bloodhound'. Rooted in pop but defiantly original, she is happy to sketch out her own domain.

A huge computer game fan - she used to run home from school, thrown down her bags and fire up the console - digital soundtracks form a key part of her musical foundation.

Here, Skott tips her hat to a few giants of the computer game world...

- - -

- - -

Curse Of Monkey Island - 'Theme'

My immediate crush. From the first time I heard it, I was so into this song. It conjures up so much imagery and an excitement for adventure, as a theme song about smugglers, pirates and a mysterious curse should.

A great example of how a game’s soundtrack can expand and build up the world within a game. Musically, you could say it’s pretty breezy easy listening on the surface, but there are twists and turns in the chord progressions not unlike in folk music, and even the time signature is quite playful.

For many reasons, this song takes top spot on my list.

- - -

Skyward Sword - 'Ballad Of The Goddess'

I didn't want to make all of my picks on this list from the Zelda series, but I almost could.

'Ballad Of The Goddess' is a symphonic gem from one of Nintendo’s longest running series. It’s a well crafted mix of pretty melodies and powerful chords, it’s beautiful.

- - -

Gary Jules - 'Mad World' (Gears of War)

The graphics have aged, but it was probably one of the most iconic uses of music in a video game trailer at the time. That Gears of War trailer where that giant spider creature appears over Marcus Fenix, and he's surrounded by Lambent "glowies", monsters that look like candles in the dark. Together with the melancholy in the music, it just comes together to create something unique. They might have been one of the first games to use such contrasting music in a teaser, especially in such a violent action game.

My friend and I were watching the latest Gears teaser and were thinking maybe they changed Creative Directors for Gears 5, because the teaser music (sung by Evanescence, I took a second to look it up) feels more “expected” of the survival horror genre, and to be honest didn't have the same emotional punch as previous teasers – such as 'Mad World' and 'The Sound Of Silence'. Both of those are incredible, beautiful songs.

I'm a little tired of 'Mad World', to be honest, since it was played at almost every high school bonfire. But I was singing 'The Sound Of Silence' back when I was six years old, before I knew what the words meant. It's one of my all time favourites.

- - -

Koji Kondo - 'Song Of Storms'

This is the first song I tried to teach myself on accordion. Of course, what else. The original is basically a classic accordion song.

When I'm at home, there's a good chance the background music is Zelda & Chill. It's one of those "lo-fi hip-hop study chill" mixes you find on YouTube, except this one's just made up of Zelda based remixes by a German beat-maker named Mikel, that's all the description says.

Again, it's instrumental, so there are no lyrics and it's great focus music for when I'm working on anything non-music related. Koji Kondo composed most, if not all, of the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, so it has his magic chord progressions and melodies, and some of the songs really make me feel like I'm taking a journey.

But if we're going by the lore, 'Song Of Storms' was composed by Flat & Sharp, the ghost brothers from Kakariko Village.

- - -

Kirby - 'Fountain Of Dreams'

It's the perfect theme song that sums up an entire franchise, like the Zelda theme does for that series. It has different elements of emotions and adventure, and it pumps you up for what's to come.

There are a lot of versions of this song, as with basically all Nintendo compositions, I'll just go with the Super Smash Bros Melee version here. It's a modern day masterwork, with parts for the entire orchestra. Just genius.

- - -

Super Mario RPG - 'Beware The Forest's Mushrooms'

I always thought it was 'Beware The Mushroom Forest', which might make more sense for a Mario game, but I just realised it's 'Beware the Forest's Mushrooms'. That sounds a bit druggy.

I tend to like a lot of folk-influenced music in games, and this one reminds me of little mushroom people dancing around – I'm not saying these songs are very cool. Maybe "goofy" is more the right word. But I love how the melodies play in this one.

- - -

FIFA 17 - 'Porcelain' (Skott)

FIFA's always had pretty exciting soundtracks to their games.

There’s usually a varied selection of new music in there, and it was a huge milestone for me when they asked to include my song 'Porcelain' in the game. It's still a dream of mine to make a soundtrack for a game someday, to really put time and love into it. I think a lot of it is about building a world, and I have that in mind when I write and compose music myself as well.

I didn't know them at the time, but looking back now I see a bunch of my friends on the same FIFA 17 soundtrack which is pretty cool. Bastille (well, I’ve only been talking with Dan), Zedd, Phantogram who I went on tour with last year, and Grey who I even released a song together with called 'Crime'.

- - -

Donkey Kong - 'Stickerbush Symphony (Bramble Blast)'

It's good music to cook to. Or drive to. It's the kind of music that I'd gladly have as a soundtrack to daily life.

There's so much great music in Donkey Kong that it was hard to pick just one, but Stickerbush Symphony is one of my favourite moods. The music in underwater levels is awesome, too.

- - -

Gerudo Valley

I replayed 'Ocarina Of Time' just a couple years ago, and was reminded again of how amazing the soundtrack is. The desert dwelling Gerudo have always been one of my favourite parts to visit in the game, and a lot of that probably has to do with their lively music.

I might be a bit biased again with the folksy flavours going on, though this time it’s more Spanish-guitary.

- - -

Honorable Mentions...

Here are some songs and soundtracks I have to mention, it's up to you if you want to seek them out because some are just weird. But I like them, so shoutouts to Banjo Kazooie, Final Fantasy VII, Golden Sun, Castlevania, the Kuru Kuru Kururin theme song, and Secret Of Mana.

I haven't played them all, but there’s a lot of amazing music in there.

- - -

Photo Credit: Peter St. James

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