The best ways to open a DJ set...

Andy C is a true underground legend.

Starting his career in edgy left field clubs, he's gradually moved to the biggest arenas in the land, even selling out London's Wembley Arena last year.

It's the latest in a long line of achievements, with Andy C helping to turn drum 'n' bass into a global art-form.

Constantly in demand, he is set to play a stellar set DBE Festival later this month.

Clash caught up with Andy C to talk the best way to open out a DJ set in Starter For Five...

- - -

Original Sin - 'Therapy'

When I did the first season at XOYO I played this track on the final night. I did 13 weeks straight and every week I would have to think of a new intro and double drop, and on the final night I was thinking what on earth am I going to play tonight.

I felt like I had done everything and this tune came to mind as I was driving down there, and then when I arrived at the club I was thinking yes this is the track. I stepped up and dropped this tune as my intro and mixed in Dillinja’s remix into it.

You just can’t believe the energy that was created in that club. It was like a cauldron and it was a beautiful, beautiful moment and I will never forget it.

- - -

Andy C - 'Back & Fourth'

A bit of an acid vibe, this is an intro tune that I wanted to play this summer to set off the club on a rolling vibe.

- - -

Konflict - 'Messiah'

As intro’ed by every drum 'n' bass DJ ever - the end! This is an absolute drum 'n' bass classic that as a starter for a set has pretty much got every element you need.

It’s got that sort of mystical string intro where you are not quite sure what is going to happen that fades to silence, then a call to arms as it were bass that just sends crowds into a frenzy.

When it drops it does not mess around, it’s like a few slaps to the face. It’s like wake up, let’s have it.

- - -

Calibre & High Contrast - 'Mr Majestic'

I am taking it somewhere different as this track reminds me of a night we did when I wanted to mellow it out. As usual, this is such a beautiful track from Calibre. The way that he manages to strip down the elements of a tune and give you exactly what you need to create a vibe. 

As he always does, Calibre creates a groove and danceability. It has a beautiful intro with the drums that drop in and then it rolls out with ‘A Man’ and a sub low B line.

Such a meaningful vibe to it, and a great way to set up a mellower set as you are building into the night.

- - -

DJ Tactix - 'It’s The Way'

I am going to take it back to jungle. If I am starting an old school jungle set and you want to grab the attention of the crowd…step one, step two are you ready!

The whole intro is basically one excited build after the other until the release of the big vocal comes in and it drops resulting in an instant reload! This is definitely at the top of the list for starting an old school jungle set as it’s timeless.

- - -

Catch Andy C at DBE Festival on October 19th - ticket LINK.

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