Dance giants on the best way to open out a DJ set...

Sigma are one of the most successful production teams of their generation.

The duo's studio is littered with platinum records, while the drum 'n' bass team have even gained BRIT nominations.

 'Dilemma' was a searing anthem on its release earlier in the year, and it's followed by bolshy yet soulful new single 'You And Me As One'.

Big room electronics done right, it even features Jack Savoretti on guest vocals.

Clash caught up with Sigma to talk the best ways to open out a DJ set in Starter For Five...

- - -

- - -

deadmau5 - 'Strobe' (Dimension Remix)

We started with this for almost a year straight. Some of the line ups we played on are not solely D&B, and we would be coming on after an EDM act in Europe.

This track has the epic draw out intro and transitioned perfectly from EDM to D&B. He smashed this remix! Nice work Rob.

- - -

Sigma - 'Nobody To Love' (Future Jungle VIP)

Occasionally we have to pull this one out of the bag as our intro tune. We have done an edit of the original and this version kinda sandwiched together. Get the crowd going pretty instantly!

- - -

Distress Signal - 'Horizon'

This is a new addition to our intro tracks. These guys are killing it at the minute and this was their big intro for Rampage festival. It's a smasher.

- - -

The Upbeats - 'Undertaker'

We were on tour with Jeremy from the Upbeats in New Zealand around the time they made this. It's a beast! We had to get him in a headlock to get it from him, but we had it really early and smashed the shit out of it.

Those guys are legends and have a totally unique sound. Big up lads.

- - -

Sigma vs DJ Fresh - 'Cylon'

When we say in Fresh's barge, yes he had a studio on a barge the nutter! We wanted to make a tune that was on the old BC vibe. So we came up with this one. It's totally different from anything we had ever done.

To be honest it went over a lot of people's heads as the groove is a bit off key. Good for double dropping, though.

- - -

'You And Me As One' is out now.

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