Just one day left. Your move, dude…
Mac Miller by Liam MF Warwick (summer 2013)

Swan Song invites Clash’s favourite artists to tell us about their ideal last day on this Earth of ours. Here, we’ve Mac Miller, the man behind one of 2013’s most-celebrated rap albums, ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ (review), and a new mixtape we’re really quite into, ‘Faces’.

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‘The Star Room’, from ‘Watching Movies…’

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Where would you like to wake up?
I would probably like to wake up at the house I grew up in.

What would you like to achieve on your last day?
The amount of recording and songs that would be made on my last day on Earth… That’s really all that I would do. That’s kind of my whole recording style: you could die at anytime, so record like you never know if you’re going to wake up the next day.

You host a Last Supper – what’s on the menu?
You ever seen (the movie) Hook? That dinner would be like what my Last Supper would be. 

Who would be invited?
Charlie Murphy. I love my mom, but maybe she doesn’t wanna go. Maybe she’s in the middle of a book. But Charlie Murphy would most definitely be there, so would Rick Rubin. I’ve never met Charlie Murphy though, so I can’t say for sure that me and him would be friends, but it seems like we could be friends.

What’s the last song you’d want to hear?
The Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’.

What would be your biggest regret?
I really honestly can’t think of any regrets. And that’s not some weird spiritual thing, I’m positive that I’ve a lot of shitty things in my life.

What would be your deathbed confession?
That some dude actually sits here and writes all my raps for me, and I’ve always been fake. Everybody has been right this whole time that I’m a piece of shit with no talent, and someone else actually writes everything for me.

What would your final words be?
Thank You, Based God.

What would you have written on your gravestone?
“Here lies a piece of shit, he’s pretty shitty.” I don’t even want a gravestone though. I kinda want to just go do something weird, like in the ocean. I think the whole idea of darkness surrounding death is something that only really got created by the living.

Who would you like to meet at the Pearly Gates of Heaven?
John Lennon and George Harrison. Oh actually, I take that back, I want to meet my mom’s dad. I never got to meet my mom’s dad.

Describe your vision of Heaven.
I like to think of Heaven as a million different things. But I’m pretty certain about Hell. I think Hell is just that you’re stuck in a nightclub for eternity, and all the girls want to have sex with you. It doesn’t make me comfortable seeing girls try and go out of their way to be sexual because they think it’s what I want; I’d actually rather you just relax.

If you could be resurrected the next day, what would you come back as?
I wanna be a whale. I saw a whale the other day and they’re just out here chilling. You can’t really f*ck with a whale, and they don’t really f*ck with you. They seem pretty peaceful.

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Interview: Grant Brydon
Photo: Liam MF Warwick

‘Faces’ is out now and available here.

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