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One of the (many) great things about the internet's impact on modern life is that music continually streams into our Inbox.

With the web connecting the world, the difficult task isn't finding new music - it's switching your computer off to get some sleep. With that in mind, we've traced a few of the week's best mixes in order for you to relax a little.

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A Guy Called Gerald - The Old Jungle as nominated by Felicity Martin
That guy who goes by Gerald has jigsawed together almost three hours of old school jungle bliss. An essential collection of up-tempo classics to remind you of the good times, or as he puts it underneath the mix - 'some of the old sounds that shaped what your getting to day'. We'll forget your questionable grammar, Gerald, and press play. Esssential.

Sensual Harassment – Black Magic Summer Mix as nominated by Jenna Aranda
Coming from Bushwick, city hot bed of emerging artists in New York is a mix to provoke nostalgic nights of warehouses, black lights, and sunrises. Sensual Harassment is a band that also moonlight as underground DJ’s in the local Brooklyn scene. Mike Sherburn and Todd Thomas deliver a mix that will keep the floor packed. Titled “Black Magic Summer Mix” it combines House, Industrial, Disco, Tribal drums, and Electro from Artists like Genius of Time, Giorgio Moroder, Simian Mobile Disco, Barbara Mason, Kraftwerk. Crafting old with the new, this will bridge the gap of age, genres, and dance crews. Perfect for the top hemisphere Spring is here party.

Click here to download the mix!

SPECTRM016 - Breen as nominated by Tomas Fraser
As a stand-out name amidst the slew of new wave producers doing all sorts of magical stuff with instrumental grime, Breen is hotly-tipped to make serious in-roads this year. His dark, synth-heavy and outright sinister take on the genre has been championed to the hilt by Keysound duo Dusk & Blackdown as well as contemporaries like Wen, Kahn and Slackk amongst others. A more than competent DJ too, his mix for 'Spectrm' is a great introduction to 2013's grime renaissance.


SPECTRM016 - Breen by Spectrmpodcast on Mixcloud

Gaslamp Killer Vs. Heliocentrics as nominated by Robin Murray
An avant funk collective, Heliocentrics are responsible for some seriously heavyweight, future minded dance music. Returning with new album '13 Degrees Of Reality' the band are preparing once again to set their controls for the heart of the sun. The Gaslamp Killer is a massive admirer of the group, and recently cut 'n' pasted '13 Degrees Of Reality' into a lengthy, typically groundbreaking mix. One for the heads!

Check out The Heliocentrics live at London's XOYO on July 9th.

Listen here.


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