From Fluorescent hip hop to Italo Disco...
Bobby Tank

The weekly mix round up returns (albeit in slightly truncated form) with some of the finest offerings to hit the web over the past seven days.

Bobby Tank – Red Bull Studios Introducing Mix
Fluorescent hip hop with a rave twist from this larger than life Futurist. Bold, brave and downright filthy, Bobby Tank has been hitting all the right spots for over a year now. Heading down to the Red Bull Studios in London, the producer is concocting something special – starting with this mix. Packed with new flavours, it gives an indication of what to expect from those fetid sessions near London Bridge.

Maya Jane Coles Essential Mix
The Essential Mix has weathered time and tide to remain one of electronic music’s real touchstones. Sure, with such a broad remix it can’t please everyone, but the team at Auntie are certainly giving a good go of it. Maya Jane Coles returned recently to take charge of her second Essential Mix to date, and she delivered a deft assortment of exclusive remixes, under-played cuts and all out bangers. The mixing is typically adept, while the tracklist contains some absolute gems. Dig in...

Plastician – Rinse Show (May 3rd)
Having tracks the movement of bass culture for over a decade now, Plastician is well placed to leaf through the archives. Yet for his Rinse show, the producer seems eager to explore new avenues, to unearth new talent. This latest instalment features a barrel-load of grime, UK Funky and other excursions, with Plastician flooding the airwaves with exclusives. Delivered with a cheeky grin on his face, it’s well worth your time.

Fare Soldi presents Italians Did It Better
Largely ignored at the time, the past decade has seen Italo Disco grow into a sound to be reckoned with. Countless new producers are donning impossibly large shoulder pads, buying up vintage synths and attempting to craft the soundtrack to Roman clubland circa 1981. Well, Fare Soldi has simply mixed together the actual soundtrack to Roman clubland circa 1981. It’s a fascinating listen – sure, some of these are mere historical curios but others are blistering insights into what would become house and techno.


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