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With the advent, and increasing domination, of music downloads you no longer have to wade through album filler tracks to reach the hidden gems.

Now you can simply download (and pay for) the tracks you actually want with no obligation to listen to the bass player's confessional opus on side three of the band's quadruple album masterpiece (as they will term it).

The death of the album as we know it? Maybe, but isn't a collection of ten a-sides preferable to the usual two singles and eight fillers?

With this trend on the rise, Clash's Christopher Todd gives his Top 20 tracks of the year with scant regard to format or genre...

"the funniest song about sexual rejection ever"

1. Grinderman - No Pussy Blues

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Ah, the lengths some guys will go to 'get some', this, Nick Cave's side project album was one of the finest of the year with this track being an hilarious highlight with Cave trying to get the love of a fan he spotted in the audience by doing things like the following;

"I thought I'd try another tack, I drank a litre of cognac, I threw her down upon her back, But she just lay up and said that she just didn't want to. I thought I'd have another go, I called her my little ho, I felt like Marcel Marceau must feel when she said that she just never wanted to".

The track ends with him still not getting any even after washing her dishes to a backdrop of some of the greatest guitar cacophony released this year, one of the best and definitely the funniest song about sexual rejection ever.

2. Groove Armada feat Mutya Buena - Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)

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Mutya was the sassiest of Sugababe and the one with the most recognisable voice; she was bound to be missed especially being replaced by someone with a constant startled bunny rabbit stare, the 'babes' album since her leaving is easily their worst thus giving Mutya the finger she requires to stick up at her former band mates.

Many acts have tried to make 80s influenced tracks, many fail and after hearing this track you'll realise you don't need to hear any more as this really can't be beat.

3. Arcade Fire - Intervention

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4. LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

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DFA and LCD Soundsystem were destined to be names you dropped to look cool in front of your friends but when you listened to the label and band you realised apart from a couple of decent ideas, the style over substance quota was definitely nearer to the former.

Which makes LCD's 2007's 'Sound of silver' album even more remarkable as those ideas have been turned into brilliant songs, the best of which is this emotional electro show stopper which proves that even the coldest, metallic electronic tunes can have the biggest of hearts beating away.

5. Bloc Party - Kreuzberg

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6. Amy Winehouse - Back to black

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Yes, she makes music too! Whilst courting the media, the Winehouse show is becoming somewhat of a freak show when all she is doing is what all 24 year olds do when there's no-one holding the reins and that's going out and getting hammered. You'd be forgiven for forgetting that she like, does music as well and this gem from last years album of the same name is a genuine modern day classic which will be sung by many artists in many years to come.

7. White Stripes - I'm slowly turning into you

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8. Nine Inch Nails - Capital G

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9. Radiohead - Reckoner

"It's oh so quiet" this aint.

If you haven't already downloaded 'In Rainbows' you'll have to wait on the physical release.

10. Bjork - Declare independence

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Her 'Volta' album of this year is a massive return to form but is still hardly anywhere near what could be described as easy listening. This is one of Bjorks most terrifying tracks which reunite the winning partnership of Bjork with techno legend that is Mark Bell and Bjork screaming a rallying cry for something or other culminating in her ordering the listener to 'raise your flag, don't let them do this to you' over some of Bells fiercest techno beats. "It's oh so quiet" this aint.

11. Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

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12. Super Furry Animals - Run-away

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13. Girls Aloud - Call the shots

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Produced by the hit machine that is Xenomania (currently the studio with Franz Ferdinand) , this track has them pulling out all the stops and is a sublime piece of electro pop even the Pet Shop Boys would have been jealous of in their mid-eighties hey day.

The girls have long outgrown their reality group status and are now some kind of sub-human hit making machine getting better and better with each release, if only the majority of the UKs record buying public weren't sheep and just buying what is number one at the time then it would be this and not the mechanical 'emotion' of Leona Lewis at number one til the end of time..

14. Chemical Brothers feat Klaxons - All rights reversed

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15. Interpol - No I in threesome

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16. The National - Squalor Victoria

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17. Kings of Leon - Mcfearless

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18. Timbaland feat Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give it to me

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This is the track where Timbaland finally came out from the shadows other other artists he sprinkled gold dust upon.

After quietly providing some of the most otherworldly electro productions for Missy Elliot for almost a decade, it was this track which firmly placed him at the top of the list of the biggest and best producer in the world as the lyrics of this track prove; "When Timbo is in the party everybody put up their hands, I get a half a mill for my beats you get a couple gra a and". He made a Justin Timberland album essential with his production skills and made Nelly Furtado sound like a slut and who can argue with that?

19. The Klaxons - Golden Skans

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20. Pigeon Detectives - I'm not sorry

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What were the songs that defined 2007 for you?

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