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Wavves 2013 Nathan and Stephen

This week’s single reviews are brought to you by the letters T, E and A, and the number 2. Because we’re on our second cuppa of the day.

Stephen Pope of Californian outfit Wavves – pictured up there with band founder Nathan Williams – is in the reviewer’s chair this week. Which basically gives us carte blanche to pop the kettle on again, if he’s handling things.

Wavves’ new album, ‘Afraid Of Heights’, is released on July 8th. It’s the fourth set from the (now) duo, and picked up impressive reviews on its stateside release in March.

Of ‘Afraid Of Heights’, Williams has said:

“The general theme of the record is depression and anxiety, being death-obsessed and paranoid of impending doom. I feel like the narration is almost schizophrenic if you listen front to back; every word is important, even the constant contradictions and lack of self-worth. That's all a part of this record – questioning everything not because I'm curious, but because I'm paranoid."

The album’s release is preceded by the single ‘That’s On Me’, the video for which can be viewed below.

And on that note, it’s back to our brews as Stephen addresses the new releases…

- - -

Wavves – ‘That’s On Me’

- - -

Vondelpark – ‘Always Forever’

The video reminds me of that show Xavier: Renegade Angel, at least the animated girl. It's got a nice laidback bassline and is really inoffensive all the way through, but I’m not that into the vocals. I think I'd rather listen to that kind of song instrumentally.

- - -

Empire Of The Sun – ‘Alive’

I’ve always been intrigued by this band. Their album covers are really striking and kind of me remind me of some of my friend/rapper Juiceboxxx’s album covers. This song is pretty cool. Reminds me of MGMT’s ‘Oracular Spectacular’ era and Portugal, The Man… but a little more programmed. I'm into the video: people dressing like freaks is always good.

- - -

The Wanted – ‘Walks Like Rihanna’

I guess the spoof video is kind entertaining to watch. I’m in Amsterdam writing this, and I ran out of clean underwear, so I walked into an H&M to grab some more. This song was playing over the stereo. The experience of being in an H&M and this song playing at the same time made me want to kill myself. 

- - -

Biffy Clyro – ‘Opposite’

Is his real name Biffy? This sucks. If he had a southern twang this would be a really, really, really bad modern country song. And I for some reason like a lot of modern country songs. Not this one.

- - -

Royal Forest – ‘John Denver’

This song was good. I like that he used a Pocket Piano (that little silver box with wooden buttons). We used that on a few songs on ‘Afraid Of Heights’. The song didn’t really feel like it went anywhere, but I still liked it. Very chill song. Didn't John Denver die in a plane crash? Was this a reference to that? I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics close enough.

- - -

Ghosting Season – ‘Apophenia’

Some cool effects on the video. I never listen to music like this. It doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not saying this was bad, just not my thing.

- - -

Post War Years – ‘Be Someone’

Was this the official video? If so, I’m into it. Why not just use one cool looking picture for a video? Maybe it’s just the album cover, though? I don’t know. This kind of reminds me of that band, fun. – pretty cheesy, but whatever. If they’re able to pull it off live, and it’s not all pre-recorded, I bet it’s pretty cool to watch.

- - -

Mariah Carey feat Miguel – ‘Beautiful’

The video looks cool. Pretty good pop song, too. Mariah is way, way, way better than Miguel. Her parts are way more interesting, just because of her voice.

- - -

Next time: The Duckworth Lewis Method reviews the singles. Insert your own cricket-y ‘joke’ here.

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