It's a vital time for the Nordic country...

When Saints Go Machine have been flying the flag for Danish music for over a decade now.

The project's dexterous electronic pop is peppered with fine, nuanced releases, taking left field ideas and transplanting them into an open, accessible, highly melodic context.

Returning to London this month for a headline show, When Saints Go Machine always sing the praises of those around them in the Danish underground.

It's only right, too - this is a potent time for Danish music, with a fresh generation re-writing the rules.

Here, When Saints Go Machine take you for a deep-dive into this fertile area...

- - -

Ydegirl - 'Amber'

Intimate and gentle this alien by Ydegirl. Otherworldly, but at the same time right in front of me, is often an experience I get from her music.

“Story about another stone,” she sings and I’m reminded of other times and the importance of materials we all seem to forget sometimes. Maybe a description could be fairytales in present tense.

- - -

Yen Towers - 'First On Comedown'

Title track from Danish producer Yen Towers 2018 EP. To me 'First On Comedown' is a small missing piece between floor music and a poem. So many layers weaving in and out, but I’m never thrown off. It feels like constantly shifting lanes while driving.

This EP is the perfect rider soundtrack.

- - -

Minais B - 'I Think Most People Here Know'

Sweet human being and such an amazing musician Minais B (Villads Klint) is a part of so many different setups all revolving around the Danish avant-garde scene, from his own endeavours to singing with Union For Open Vocalism, running the label Anyines and being a part of KhalilH2OP.

'I Think Most People Here Know' is like opening windows on a Tuesday morning around 7.50 and listening until 9.00.

- - -

Mini Esco - 'Wonderboy'

Copenhagen wonderboy and younger brother of Yen Towers. Deep vibes on this track from his beautiful tape release on Posh Isolation from 2019

- - -

KhalilH2OP - 'Redde Hinanden'

The collaborative platform of myself, Minais B and Yen Towers. This track was made specifically for the Danish label Posh Isolation’s 2019 compilation “Summer Storms” and deals with social anxiety and the reality of whats left after someone you hold dear passes away in a violent manner.

- - -

Francesca Burattelli - 'KEEN'

Danish-Italian composer/musician Francesca Burattelli’s KEEN really mess me up.

The beauty of how the different layers connect to create a moving overall melodic fixture, makes me think of crabs feeding by the sea, a calming scene, but at the same time the whining language of strings and horns reminds me of the cruelty of nature and our failing attempts to communicate.

- - -

Astrid Sonne is an amazing producer from Copenhagen. She has a way of stripping out all unnecessary elements and keeping the idea very clean and direct. Her arrangements floats natural and you don’t feel that you’re locked into a grid of some kind.

She recently released a new EP and this is our favourite track from it, love the trance vibe.

- - -

Catch When Saints Go Machine at London's Pickle Factory on November 13th.

Photo Credit: Daniel Hjorth

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