Ask a musician to put on their favourite outfit and what do you get?

Ask a musician to put on their favourite outfit and take you to their favourite place and what do you get? More than you bargained on, that’s what. Alt.pop princesses in upscale boutiques? Beardie weirdies in Brazilian bars? Anti-fashionistas in kooky dooky pubs? Oh golly, what have we started...

Siobhan Donaghy, shot outside PPQ, Conduit Street, London W1

From 16-year-old Sugababe to 22-year-old singer songwriter, Siobhan Donaghy is all grown up and taking the phrase ‘dress for success’ quite literally.

We’re at PPQ’s London boutique. Why?

Because I wore an Alice in Wonderland dress with puff sleeves by PPQ in my new video and loved it. Today I’m wearing a pink and black bumblebee dress and a paisley dress in browns, creams and oranges.

Describe your star style.

I’m more dressed up with this album. A lot of time and love went into making the record and the sound is very ethereal and otherworldly so I didn’t want to wear something you’d just walk down the street in. The album imagery is very costumey and over the top.

I got a MySpace message that just said ‘A man without a beard is like a woman with a beard.’ - Scroobius Pip

What do you wear on stage?

I played Boombox recently in a floor length Julien MacDonald gown covered in Swarovski crystals. The grander style suits the live set up.

And when you’re not working?

I dress down much more. I seem to be acquiring several cashmere jumpers, all disturbingly in the colour grey. I’ve got a lot of superfine jeans and simple vests.

What is your weakness?

Shoes. My current favourites are by Azzedine Alaia. I’ve also got two pairs of Terry de Havilland wedges, some YSL black platforms, a pair of limited edition Louboutins and some Prada clogs. God, I sound shallow!

Fave item in your wardrobe?

Ashish made me a green sequin one shoulder dress. It’s incredible.

Most extravagant purchase?

A Viktor & Rolf red puffa jacket for about £700, which has this funny fake hood. I wear it constantly.

Biggest fashion mistake?

I bought a pair of Patrick Cox boots for £450. I loved them for about half a day. The guilt made me hide them.

Do you ever drag your boyfriend around the shops?

No he drags me around. He’s obsessed with Paul Smith. My stylist drags me around too. He can shop from dawn till dusk.

The single ‘So You Say’ is out 18 June. The album ‘Ghosts’ is out 25th June on Parlophone.

Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac, at Favela Chic, 91- 93 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2

Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip are responsible for the catchiest song of spring. And a few fashion foibles…

Why are we at Favela Chic?

SP: It’s somewhere me and Dan have started hanging out. It’s cool in the day. Cool as in cold, not hip.

What are you wearing today?

SP: An old t-shirt with a print of the ‘Purple Rain’ album cover on it. It’s faded so I got my mate to write ‘I listen to Prince’ in hip-hop writing across it. A trucker cap – I’ve got a large head and it fits really well. And two Casio watches – one silver and one gold. It’s not a style statement, I’m just indecisive.

DS: I’m just rocking a work shirt, some jeans and a pair of DC trainers. I’ve had the orange laces in them since I was 10 years old. That’s 18 years ago. Bright orange is an awesome colour; you don’t see it enough in the world.

I didn’t want to wear something you’d just walk down the street in - Siobhan Donaghy

Who looks the best?

DS: Scroobius. He always does. It’s the beard and cap ensemble I just can’t beat.

About that beard…

SP: I’ve been growing it for two years. It’s bulking up nicely. I condition it, I keep it clean and it’s soft to the touch. I’m no savage.

What do the fans make of it?

SP: I got a MySpace message that just said ‘A man without a beard is like a woman with a beard.’ I thought that was really poignant.

Describe your style.

SP: Very cheap. I have a lot of suits from charity shops. Sadly they’re all similar so people think I’m always wearing the same one. My favourite was £3 from a shop in Lea-on-Sea.

What’s your weakness?

SP: Leather ties. I have loads. I got one with a Nike tick on it the other day.

Worst fashion mistake?

SP: Once I wore an orange boiler suit to a Beastie Boys gig like the ones they used to wear. That was pretty sad.

In ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’, you say “Never judge a book by it’s cover”. What first impression do you make?

SP: That I’m a massive beardy weirdo and an opinionated arrogant wanker. I have to try and win them over.

‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ is out now.

Feist shot at The Arches, 7 Fairhazel Gardens, London, NW6

Paul Young once sang, “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”. For Canadian songstress Feist, it’s not a hat but a carefully packed suitcase…

Why are we at The Arches?

It reminds me of a flea market. It feels good with the plants, the jumbled chaos. Going to flea markets is one of my favourite things. I love digging through people’s old treasures that has become junk.

So you’re a vintage girl.

When I was 19 I ran a vintage clothing store and took home more than I sold. I had all these crazy gowns and gloves but I had a closet then. I don’t have that luxury any more. I travel so much that whatever’s in my suitcase I end up wearing.

What are you wearing today?

I got these J Brand jeans yesterday. In junior high there were always the high-waisted girls. I was never one of them so I thought I’d check it out now. This is my first day of wearing high-waisted dark denims. I found these shoes in New York somewhere. The jacket is Vanessa Bruno and my shirt is Talula Babaton.

Describe your style.

I don’t want an item of clothing to define me. That’s my nightmare. Clothes are tools, a way of functioning without being too self-conscious. Given what I do for a living, there is a lot of stress put on clothes but it’s not that way in my real world.

Do you have stage clothes?

I used to wear all white. It was almost like super heroes in their leotards. It’s clothes as costume, not as fashion.

How has your fashion sense changed over the years?

As your life changes you need a different soundtrack and clothes are the same. When I was 17, wearing jeans and a T-shirt was the ultimate cop out. Now it’s what allows me to get on with the rest of my life.

You worked with Gonzales on your new album. How was that?

We were tree house kids imagining whatever we wanted and making it happen. He’s my closest and oldest friend, a more musically adept version of myself.

What’s next for Feist?

I’m touring into June and then I’m going to find a forest somewhere and sit in it.

‘The Reminder’ and single ‘My Moon My Man’ are out now on Interscope.


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