With Big Hat, Foreign Office, King Jacks, Gogo Bot

Music and fashion go hand in hand. At this year’s Bestival they mashed their palms together, locked fingers tight and didn’t let go for the whole weekend.

Replay’s Road Trip to Bestival culminated in style at the Replay stage, drawing in crowds of music loving fashionistas. By day the khaki-clad tent was teaming with competition winners, huddled over their sewing machines as they tinkered away customising their very own Replay jeans. By night, things got a little bit louder.

The sewing machines were shifted somewhere safe and seating was in put their place giving the tent a relaxed, story time vibe. The crowd stood, sat and lay down awaiting their story teller, who appeared in the form of Big Hat.

These five London boys wasted no time hanging around, launching into their half hour set with as much vigour as the wind that engulfed the festival outside. The band’s promotion (a sign on a stick) clearly paid off. The room filled almost immediately with flowery-haired girls and bearded boys who’d come to folk it up. The set swayed between simplistically elegant folk and toe-tapping jigs. Guitarist and singer George Taylor stopped to hand out free Big Hat t-shirts to a lucky few in the audience – something to go with their Replay jeans, perhaps.

Next up, Foreign Office ripped it up ‘80s style tearing through a set of songs taken from their debut EP, Alaska. These guys and their offbeat indie are no strangers to the festival circuit, having already played festivals including Secret Garden Party, The Great Escape and Dot to Dot this year. They know the score, as bassist Paul Cousins verified, signing off their set: “Take it easy. Or maybe don’t take it easy.” Tight little riffs reminiscent of Orange Juice make Foreign Office an engaging band that were a funky little highlight of the weekend.

King Jacks took the reigns for the next slot, pumped up on indie pop. He strutted on stage commanding “Let’s tear the roof off this place, we can do it!” Figuratively speaking, of course. Although the sewing machines were around just in case. King Jacks (AKA Richard Forbes) bathed in red light and smoke then launched into an obscure cover of Black Lace’s “hit” single, ‘I Am The Music Man’. If there is such a thing as an original cover version, King Jacks has probably hit the nail on the head with that one.

Gogo Bot then topped the night off with a headlining set of some much needed rock and roll. And electro pop. And a tiny bit of metal. Something for everyone then really. Marko, Rosie and Gordon, the three Scots that make up Gogo Bot, make so much noise it was hard to tell whether it was the wind or the bass making the tent quiver.


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