Local campaigners step up the pressure...
T In The Park

After more than a decade at Balado the organisers of T In The Park were forced to pick another location for the festival in 2015.

Deciding to uproot to the rather more scenic, boutique climes of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire, the event has faced a number of difficulties.

Local activists Strathallan T Action Group filmed ospreys nesting on the new site. An endangered species, the bird of protected by law and their environment cannot be tampered with while nesting.

In an attempt to dissuade the birds from nesting, T In The Park organisers have erected a cherry picker with a balloon and a saltire.

Obtaining video footage, the Strathallan T Action Group handed the video to RSPB Scotland who called police to the site on Monday (April 6th).

A spokesperson told the Courier: “We were sent some video footage showing an osprey landing at the old nest at the Strathallan Castle estate. We have no means of authenticating it, but neither do we doubt that it is legitimate. If this is the case, the nest becomes active and the cherry picker must be removed as it is an offence to cause a disturbance at the nest under wildlife legislation as it is a protected species.”

DF Concerts: "We can confirm that ospreys have returned to Strathallan, but the expert opinion of our ornithologist is that they have not yet nested. The RSPB believes that the previous nest is active and as such, close monitoring via the cherry picker has been removed and we will continue to liaise with the relevant organisations to ensure the protection of the birds."

"In the meantime, we'd also like to assure fans that the festival will go ahead. The decision on our planning application will still be made in May and we remain confident that the event will take place at Strathallan."

(via NME)

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