Comedy, chaos and lots of booze
FIDLAR - Live At The Lexington, London

Snapbacks by Obey and Supreme vests with tie dye, bright coloured headphones and rolling to get high - these are a few off their favorite things. The obsession with skate/surf punk scene is on the rise in the UK, which is strange since we haven’t seen anyone really skate since 2001.

Miami based band Jacuzzi Boys provide support for the show, which Fidlar explain wouldn’t happen in America as they are much more popular than them. It’s strange to think this possible. Sure they have some alright tunes, but Jacuzzi Boys have that age old problem that punk music has: song blending. With hardly any crowd banter and not much thought put into the layout of the set list, their music becomes one massive thirty-five-minute snarl. What started as exciting soon becomes tedious.

Passing around a petit bottle of Bells whisky before they commence, Fidlar (AKA Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk) make it abundantly clear that they enjoy the company of alcohol. Their band shirts have a can of beer on it which simply says “cheap beer”, they hang up a Coors Light banner behind the drumkit, and their first song is about drinking beer, boasting the perfect drunk chant of “I DRINK CHEAP BEER SO WHAT FUCK YOU.”

“You too cool to hang out?” shouts frontman Zac to the audience at the back who are resilient in moving closer to the kids wearing expensive caps. He then makes the mistake of handing the bottle of whisky to the front row again, only to have it returned as dregs which is more saliva than booze. “Fucking freeloaders,” he smirks.

However, the whisky works and the attitude of the onlookers does pick up after two songs. Some might think a little too much. Crowd surfing, stage diving, throwing beer cans at people and smashing glass bottles, shit truly kicks off here tonight with the immature and pointless anarchy of punk that is rarely seen these days - and it’s wonderful. Through the tuneful LA drug ode of ‘West Coast’ to the bare essential heaviness of The Black Keys-esque ‘The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid’, Fidlar still keep their minimalist don’t-care attitude, but offer some variation in their output.

They finish the set with ‘Wake Bake Skate’, which enters into a cover of Blink 182’s ‘Dammit’. There are some major similarities between the two artists, and it becomes clear that Blink could have been this band if they had grew some balls and stopped playing Nickelodeon award shows.

This gig was a perfect blend of comedy, chaos and not taking life too seriously, which is solidified by the fact that they have a concrete set of tunes to hold it up, reminding us that punk doesn’t have to be political, it can just be a party.

Words by Jamie Carson

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