Thursday 16th - Sunday 26th Feb 2012

Now in its fourth year, the Glasgow Music and Film Festival is a series of one-off events combining audio and visuals. Lovingly co-curated by film buffs and music geeks from the Glasgow Film Festival and the Arches, the results range from the entertaining and inspirational, to the downright weird. This year’s festival runs from 16th-26th February 2012 and comprises a series of gigs at venues across the city. Here’s just some of the highlights...

Silver Apples at Mono - The forefathers of electronic rock as we know it! Formed in 1967, Silver Apples made unprecedented sounds. Originally part of a rock band, the group soon reduced to Danny Taylor and Simeon Coxe III after the latter’s obsession with oscillators effectively pushed the other members off stage, eventually using “nine audio oscillators piled on top of each other and eighty-six manual controls to control lead, rhythm and bass pulses with hands, feet and elbows”, and, of course, his own self-devised and self-titled synthesizer, The Simeon.

True to bizarre form, the pair vanished after their second album. Then in 1995, Simeon reappeared with a new partner (Xian Hawkins), released a new album, hunted down Taylor, and proceeded to tour together until the road accident which broke Simeon’s neck, leaving him unable to play. After much recuperation, 2007 marked the return of one of music’s most enigmatic characters, delighting fans by reappearing behind his army of oscillators at festivals across the world.

Umberto at SWG3 - The alter ego of musician Matt Hill, Umberto is a one-man band crafting horror score creep-scapes for the digital age. A true master of the horror film soundtrack aesthetic, Umberto’s music is a hypnotic, all-consuming journey, reeling you into a foggy, neon-lit world of graveyards, stalkers, haunted houses, witches and blood-stained corpses. Evoking the unsettling progressive rock of Goblin and the sinister, dystopian synth-work of John Carpenter, his acclaimed releases have garnered considerable praise for their staggering, gothic take on italo disco and new-wave synth pop, recreating the brooding intensity of a Dario Argento soundtrack through the cyclical melodies and throbbing rhythms he shares with his closest contemporaries, Zombi and Gatekeeper.

Flying over exclusively from Kansas City, Missouri for GMFF, Umberto will be performing a live soundtrack to a secret film of his choice, with support from power-sleaze duo Organs of Love and Strange Vice DJs.

And just a selection of some others:

Wet Sounds at North Woodside Swimming Pool

The Psychocinematic Ritual (OV, Psychogeographical Commission and The Wyrding Module) at The Old Hairdressers

High Places at the Arches

Serafina and Sam Steer at the Arches

The gigs are complemented by a programme of music documentaries and fiction films at the GFT. For exclusive announcements, ticket competitions and all the news, follow the GMFF on Facebook.


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