Mrs Jones heads to Glastonbury...
Oxfam DIY shop

Oxfam in Camden has recently been given a complete makeover and greatly deserved renovation by well-renowned celebrity stylist Mrs Jones; it’s subsequently been described as “The ultimate fashion resource destination for independent style seekers”. But Mrs Jones hasn’t stopped there – her ambitions are bigger, and she has Glastonbury 2009 in her sights.

With this is mind, Oxfam will be celebrating their 16th year at Glastonbury by having two new marquees themed around the inspiration of fashion and the makeover – the Oxfam DIY project.

Oxfam DIY will be accessible for anyone and everyone at the festival – that is the beautiful nature of this fun idea. The organisation’s perception of just being a charity/second-hand shop has changed, and Oxfam DIY will not be ‘just a shop’ – it will feature exciting activities such as ‘Be The Band’, where festival-goers will get to recreate their favourite artist/band of their choice... basically musical-themed dress-up for all ages! After their drastic makeover, the participants will have a speedy photo shoot and also get to keep their magnificent one-off outfits. How fabulous, darling!

And of course, Mrs Jones herself will be happily contributing by hosting DIY workshops and giving advice and tips on how to spruce up outfits throughout the festival. Fast, fun fashion while maintaining the important and charitable message that Oxfam uniquely deliver.

Fee Doran, a.k.a. Mrs Jones, has worked with previous Glastonbury headliners, such as Kylie Minogue and The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers. Working with such music royalty, she is the perfect person to run the Oxfam workshops.

There will also be acoustic sets from some of Glasto’s electrifying acts daily, around 7pm at the two marquees. As our magazine is dedicated to music and fashion, we truly believe this is the perfect combination for a successful and popular place to be this year at Glastonbury. We will most certainly be present at Oxfam’s DIY marquees to soak up some advice and fun with Mrs Jones and the Oxfam team.

Says Emily Eavis on the project: "Now this is a good idea. You can ferret through Oxfam's wondrous supply of gear and dress yourself up in whatever takes your fancy and get stuck in with your friends for a good cause. And with a souvenir thrown in for good measure.”

Sarah Farquhar, Head of Retail at Oxfam: “Mrs Jones personifies that sense of adventure we’d like our customers to feel shopping at Oxfam, where affordable, sustainable fashion is available to everyone. Her work highlights the ways in which we can all look again at our wardrobe, experiment with fashion and create looks that complement our own personalities. Best of all, by shopping at Oxfam you can do all this while helping us to fight poverty around the world.”

Words: Chloe Gillard


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