Bloc Party (Credit: Rachael Wright)
Playing their debut album 'Silent Alarm' in full...

Playing a sold-out show to a crowd of 10,000 people, Bloc Party gave their audience the best resurrection of debut album 'Silent Alarm'.

Playing alongside a blinding white spotlight, Bloc Party stroll on to the famous Ally Pally stage to an array of cheers. “Good evening London, how we doing? We’re very excited to be here tonight, so without further or do, let’s take it back to 2005,” front Kele Okereke says as he introduces his audience to a 90 minute show of unashamed alt-rock bangers.

Setting the tone off with melodic ballad,‘Compliments (With Hidden Track)’ - actually the last cut on the album's tracklisting - with Bloc Party then confirming they’d be playing 'Silent Alarm' backwards.

Multi-instrumentalist, and relatively new addition to the band, Louise Bartle booms on the drums, and with the band messing around with futuristic stage lights, hard-hitting riffs and twitching synths this next track sent everyone on a mad one.

Roaring from the crowd, “and your nose is bleeding,” as they excitedly respond to the band's third track, ‘Luno.’ “I’m hoping that I’m louder for this one, you’re going to have to tell me after,” says Okereke, in response to fan demand to “turn the vocal up.”

A few nonchalant strums on guitar leads into ‘This Modern Love’, one of the band's most well known tracks, and this progressive indie ballad is a sweet switch of sombre tone to the last few tracks.

Lights beam from phones within the audience, as fans harmonise the last few words, “throw your arms around me,” a string of confetti filters from the ceilings. A peaceful, and intimate moment between the crowd and Bloc Party.

With a thrash of soaring riffs, spoken-word lyrics, and glitching stage lights, ‘She’s Hearing Voices,’ kicks up a fuss onstage. Introducing ‘Blue Light’ Okereke adds, “the song that started it all.” Fans arms sway in the air, a quiet moment of appreciation and endearment is shared.

After disclaiming they’d be playing Silent Alarm backwards, Clash is sure you know what's coming up next... Thrashing their guitars wildly, the band jump straight into their acclaimed banger, ‘Banquet.’ Forging a disruptive mosh pit, fans jump with excitement for this one.

Opening with wobbles of bass, extraterrestrial synths and rapped lyrics, Bloc Party judder into their multi-genre bop, ‘Positive Tension.’ Thudding in chaotic, ear-splitting adrenaline, lead guitarist Russell Lissack adds a blistering, distorted solo.

Ending the show on the last two tracks, ‘Helicopter,’ and, ‘Like Eating Glass,’ the crowd boos as Okereke says, “and that is that,” as the band walk off.

With 30 minutes left on the clock, Bloc Party return to the stage for their encore. A wild fan throws their passport on stage; grinning, Okereke picks up the passport and says, “the last time this happened was in Leeds a week ago, something tells me Samuel has a thing for us.”

Bouncing into ‘Two More Years’ the track went down a treat for the OG Bloc Party fans. Playing penultimate track ‘Ratchet’ Okereke adds “peace out bitches, see you next year,” before leaping into blazing electronic workout ‘Flux.’

- - -

Words: Laviea Thomas

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