An iconic performance from the K-Pop stars...

There are some moments where people impress you so much that you continue to think and talk about them for days afterwards. K-pop super group Monsta X were seven such people, as they left London audiences in awe with their performance at SSE Arena Wembley.

Taking the stage at the packed venue on July 9 th - returning to the city in style after their appearance last year - the band is charming despite a language barrier. Interacting with fans- waving to them, blowing kisses, shooting hearts and gyrating to the beat of their own catchy music – every chance they get, their musical talent is only elevated by their genuine personalities.

Opening with the intense stylings of ‘Shoot Out’ before segueing into hits such as ‘Play It Cool’ and the slick R&B sound of ‘ Mohae’ the first half is energetic as it warms everyone up for what’s to come. An early highlight was the up-tempo and catchy ‘Jealousy’ which perfectly reflected the group’s EDM soundscape.

But their real star power blooms in the unit stages. Starting with Minhyuk,Hyunwon and Kihyun’s Bazzi cover ‘Myself’, the energy skyrockets, pulling every listener whether a fan or an accompanying parent into the show.

The rap duo of Jooheon and I.M showcase their raw skills with the gripping ‘Sambakja’. A track that’s exclusively performed live, with no easily downloadable version, it becomes a personal highlight that makes attending the concert worth every effort. Catchy and anthemic, the two-some go full throttle in their performance and the memory of ‘Sambakja’ doesn’t leave you long after the show is done.

The final unit stage is the mesmerizing ‘ Mirror’ performed by Wonho and Shownu, which serves as the cherry on top of the Monsta X cake, setting the stage perfectly for the next spate of tracks. The half of the show that comes after the unit stage is a mix of roaring hip-hop and up- tempo love songs. Tracks such as ‘Oh My’, ‘Special’ and ‘Falling’ receive warm welcomes as audiences dance and sway along.

Before long the final track ‘ Alligator’ is playing out and you’re left wanting more amazing music. And the encore delivers exactly that. First, DJ Hyunwon – or DJ H.One - takes the stage to temporarily transforming Wembley into a rave of party lovers, before this euphoria carries over into the penultimate track of the night ‘Rodeo’ – another late highlight, that prompted me to search up the track and play it on repeat’.

Before the final track, they address their Monbebes, and a sense of mutual love and support fills the air. “The foundation of our music is you guys”, the youngest member I.M tells the crowds and the last song for the night the sweet and crooning ‘By My Side’ is a perfect representation of this heartfelt sentiment.

Monsta X has been on the rise in recent times, and while the group jokingly referred to themselves as “the best K-pop”, the joke may not be far from the truth if their mind-blowing stage presence is to be trusted. 

- - -

Words: Malvika Padin

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