'Berlin Syndrome' show

VIOLENCE - reads the sign which is strapped to the head of a naked model, her chest is dripping with blood. Strobes fill the room and a raucous Kap Bambino soundtrack blasts from the speakers. Instantaneously gripping, we would expect nothing less from Le Mindu.

The show entitled Berlin Syndrome unveils the repressed sexual underground scene of WWII. The designer explores extremes of femininity and sodomy. Stained lace dresses are beautifully constructed with ruffles and off white fur trimming. Pearl peaked hats are worn with transparent PVC and of course towering platforms.

Raw, gritty and theatrical Le Mindu captures all elements of the frivolous, fearless counter culture from the madams in the brothels to the punks on the streets. Hair ranged from sharp blonde wigs, red and black spray painted mohawks, and shaved heads tagged with CUNT.

In your face shock tactics are employed, yet this is not to undermine his masterful creations. For the finale models walk out to the sound of squealing animals, very Marquis de Sade and haute charcuterie Le Mindu emerges in a blood stained apron.

Words by Camille Felici
Photo by Francisco Jose Gomez de Villaboa Benitez


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