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Oasis - Kevin Cummins

From the very start, Oasis were an extremely photogenic band.

The group's mixture of 60s style and street casual, their sheer rock 'n' roll bravado meant that photographers loved working with them.

With the band plotting the re-issue of their first three albums, a new exhibition will bring together a series of photographs taken during their rise to fame.

'Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1994 - 1997' will be curated by renowned photographer Lawrence Watson, having worked several times with Oasis and with Noel Gallagher as a solo artist.

Other images include contributions from famed photographers such as Jill Furminovsky, Paul Slattery, Tom Sheehan, Kevin Cummins, and Jamie Fry.

Charting their meteoric rise, the exhibition runs between April 11th - 22nd at LondonNewcastle project space in Redchurch Street, London.

The 'Chasing The Sun' re-issues follow on May 19th.

Photo Credit: Kevin Cummins

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