Converting the unbelievers

Soulful sixties guitars twanging and rumbling thumping drums set the scene. For those (including myself) who had expected some frothy lightweight vocalist to saunter cockily onto the stage, a shock was in store. Yes, Mr. Kane might wear high waisted tight trousers (no wonder there is a nasal tone to his vocals) but his music and technical throttle are pure creative metal animal.

His band likewise look premature, if not pubescent, but their sounds mean heavy business. He takes the stage – and the crowd – with the charisma of a heavyweight and the crowd are obviously here for him as he is readily baptized with beer amidst a screaming hurl of bodies. Despite the velocity of the opener, Kane gesticulates throughout instructions about the sound.

The first song ‘Come Closer’ rips itself open and bleeds all over the audience before setting a new tempo, more soulful, Happy Mondays groove of ‘Counting Down The Days’. The audience are singing along and through the third song, more ‘items’ are thrown on the stage (obviously some people have taken Nick Brown’s comments seriously). Kane creates melodic car crashes of songs, at the end lifting his guitar above in undisputed triumph.

There seems to be a lot of that happening this Friday – it is one of those jubilant phenomenal nights. The crowd are really ready to give back. ‘Rearrange’ sets off a renewed surge with its wailing guitars, a seductive syrup of a song and it’s hard to prove who’s more eager to please. Miles: ‘T in the Park, it’s good to be here. You’re making us feel very welcome.’ This is followed by ‘Kingcrawler’s ‘Ayayaya ray’, a Mexican belt of a tune, screaming in from the west with almost Red Indian howls in the bridge, an ecstatic explosion. Sex with Miles Kane must only be a terrible disappointment after hearing music like this.

The seventh song ‘Quicksand’ has him convinced. ‘This is a great vibe here, you know. Thank you very much.’ The drums go up and up and the rolling is assisted by Kane’s beckoning up the audience for the tenth song full of bounce and agro. Crowd surfers and stage invaders are disposed of with very happy faces. Before the penultimate song, Kane announces: ‘This has been one of the best gigs we’ve ever done ever. I know it’s Friday night and you’ve lots of bands to see but let’s fucking lose our minds!’ which introduces the mayhem of ‘Inhaler.’

I was a cynic. Now I’m a believer. Miles Kane can rock out and he has got some proper love songs.

Words by Jaime Scrivener
Photos by Colin 'TwoThumbsFresh' McQuillen &
Steven Brown

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