"Musicians are not your Fig Leaves..."

65daysofstatic recently receiving confirmation of funding from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), money that will allow them to tackle new projects.

However the band's name was used in a widely circulated press release concerning the state of arts funding, prompting a delicious response from the group.

Posting a lengthy statement online, 65daysofstatic blasted the current state of arts funding and warned the government: "Musicians are not your Fig Leaves..."

"The idea of 65daysofstatic being held up in any way as evidence that this hyper-Dickensian, fucking nightmare of a Tory government is apparently supporting the arts, when in actual fact they are destroying any kind of infrastructure for future creativity at the grassroots level and plunging the most vulnerable parts of society into further misery, leaves a bad taste in our mouths."

The band state: "Spending public money on the arts is clearly not a bad thing. It’s better than spending it on Trident, bailing out banks, subsidising sketchy right-to-buy tactics to help private landlords get richer, and so on."

Neatly summarising their argument, 65daysofstatic write: "The point here is absolutely not to complain that we as a band are not getting paid, but simply to point out that it is not accurate for this kind of funding to be held up as evidence of a government who is supporting the arts in this country when, in actual fact, they are destroying the conditions where it can even survive, never mind thrive."

Check out the full statement HERE.

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