Ahead of this weekend's Appelsap festival...

From the Netherlands to the world, that's Abstract.

Crowned the best DJ in the country in 2016, the President - as he's known - went on to fly the Dutch flag at events across the world.

In demand as a solo artist, Abstract also operates as a member of the PATTA Soundsystem collective, one of the most highly rated groups in Dutch club culture.

Set to play Appelsap in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, Abstract pieced together this guide to the city...

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Favourite restaurants...

New Draver. A Surinamese restaurant. It’s small and cozy. No reservations. You eat in or take out. Food is bless!

Umaimon. A ramen specialized restaurant on Leidseplein. They serve some sick ramen (cream based, soy bases, you name it) they also have this sick ramune drink called Melon Soda!

Takeichi is also really good. Also a ramen spot.

Favourite bars...

You can have some good drinks at Cannibale Royal. It’s a restaurant but they are open till late. You can order a long island skull. That’s a dangerous one but so good!

Kopstootbar is also a good one. It’s on Leidseplein. It’s like meeting point! Everybody goes there.

Also to Chicago Social Club (also on Leidseplein).

Must do/must see...

Go to Patta, Daily Paper, Smib/TNO/Bonne Suits. All brands/shops in and from Amsterdam. You can also find Stüssy which is in the same street as Patta and the Smib/TNO/Bonne Suits shop.

Hidden gems...

Duke of Tokyo. It’s a karaoke spot. They did a sick job with the decoration. It’s like you are in Tokyo for a bit. The rooms are named after places in Tokyo (Shibuya/Harajuku and more). Sing songs, eat chicken karaage and drink sake!

If people have one night out in Amsterdam where should they go?

It depends which day to be honest. During the week I would say one of the bars I mentioned before. From Thursday 'til Saturday you can go to Chicago Social Club, Bitterzoet, Jimmy Woo, Chin Chin Club.

Don't miss...

Melon Soda. This is a drink. You can get it at Umaimon (the Ramen Restaurant I mentioned). Best drink EVER! You can basically find me at Umaimon once a week drinking that!

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Appelsap takes place on August 11th.

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