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A glimpse into the English-Cypriot rapper's first studio album...

A!MS brings the vibes with hot new single ‘iLIKE’ - tune in now.

Featuring AV Allure and WSTRN’s very own Akelle, the track offers a glimpse into the English-Cypriot rapper’s first studio album ‘OFFSHORE,’ which is due towards the end of the Summer season.

‘iLIKE’ charms listeners with a sun-kissed production, indulging in Spanish guitars and sweet vocals that reminisce over a 90’s R&B era. This is A!MS’ second major collaboration of the year, having merged forces with Projexx, Julian Marley and AV Allure for a vibrant energy that took form in their track ‘Honor’.

With years of experience in the game, A!MS seeks to rise above the superficial, infusing his words with meaning and intention whilst still keeping the party going. The new single indeed stays true to this, opening a discussion surrounding the ever-so-prevalent, yet often shunned upon, influencer and OnlyFans culture.

A!MS added: "The song is about celebrating ladies and unshaming things like the ‘OnlyFans’ hustle. Ladies can be beautiful and use that to make a living if they wish, it doesn’t deserve judgement and discrimination. I’d love for women to know they’re beautiful and can achieve anything they want. I also want men to understand that at all costs, we need to respect and protect our ladies, because without them, we wouldn’t exist, FACTS!”

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CLASH caught up with A!MS to speak about his summer jam 'iLIKE' and upcoming debut album...


What inspirations or influences lie behind your recent single ‘iLIKE’?

As king of the summer I felt the need to capture the essence of the classic Rap R&B collabs, that unique crossover sound that sparked the fire of Hip-Hop as a whole, sounds that we listen to every summer up to this day, I’m talking Blackstreet - ‘No Diggity’ feat. Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey - ‘I Know What You Want’, Ja Rule, Ashanti, P. Diddy’s ‘I Need A Girl’, 50 Cent and so many more… Probably one of the most melodic flows I have had to date, but I had no choice with the soul that AV Allure brings to the song and the WSTRN sauce Akelle carries with him… We made sure we gave it our own UK signature with a touch of a drill, baseline and a mediterranean touch! D&B, Drill and Blues baby.

How did the collaboration between yourself, Akelle and AV Allure come about?

AV Allure is signed to my 3fifty7 Music Sound System (not just a label imprint). We introduced him in my ‘Diablo’ video where he did a sick cameo, and he also features on the hook of my previous single ‘Honor.’ We work well in the studio together and he is someone to look out for in the future, him and Alika, who is also on my debut album, worked together for this specific record and we felt the summer needs WSTRN. We felt Akelle could round it off on the third verse. Akelle and the whole group is someone we respect fully and since we met in Napa it’s always been love, that whole camp in general we got good vibes with them. Big up Morgan Keyz as well! 

If you could describe your sound to someone who’s never come across A!MS, what 3 words would you use?

Authentic, Wavy, Timeless.

Is there a meaning behind the artist name, A!MS?

It’s an acronym from my previous name which was A.M. SNiPER. Still aiming high, higher than ever actually, and I felt musically the word Sniper needed a silencer on the rifle.  I felt people always expected that crud just from the word Sniper and the evolution of Anthony Melas (that is my real name) from Sniper to A.M. SNiPER to A!MS (pronounced Aims!) was the natural progression as the music went beyond my ends, the nightlife and the streets… 

What do you want your fans to feel when they hear ‘iLIKE’?

For one, I must admit that I always felt I could get women, but I truly started understanding women through my daughter Melody who is 3 going on 4 this August. I am genuinely apologising for the way I misunderstood how a woman thinks live on the track, whilst at the same time I am celebrating the power within the beauty of a woman. My daughter has been a huge inspiration and so has her mom for working so hard to raise her. All the women in my life are mostly August Girls! So I want whoever listens to this to feel the sexiness a woman carries and the summer energy that I am so sure so many people are craving right now. So many just need to be on a beach with their loved one, or hunting for the new loved one!

What would you say is the perfect setting or scenario that you envision for the track?

Water, Sunsets, Summer, a Waterpark! A whole waterpark just to ourselves, just the gang and our ladies!Actually the video is coming soon so who knows!? Maybe we get to see that.

What direction has ‘OFFSHORE’s journey taken you in? Has your approach to music evolved over time?

I am now a serious soundman. I say this because I evolved live, in public, and I failed live in public, and maybe I will keep failing, but the sound never stopped growing and I know the music now is exactly where I wanted it to be. I want to follow in the steps of Pharell, Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin, massive ask, very much easier said than done, but I have one of the best set of ears on the planet, and I am an original selecta. I am part of the fabric that is our music and it took me years to realise that. You will not hear what’s already out there or what is “trending” right now, you will hear authentic, wavy, timeless vibes.

What can we expect on your first studio album, ‘OFFSHORE’?

Expect a timeless mood. Anyone who will listen to the album, you just cannot knock the craft, the musicality or the sound. OFFSHORE is a future classic and the result of my years working on my craft and evolving my sound. Regardless how long a debut album takes to come, the time is irrelevant, 30 minutes or 3 years the music is all that matters, not how long it takes to make it… I could not do this without my team and everyone who worked and are working so hard on the album from the producers to the features to the engineers, mixing and mastering like Hypertone and Hippy over at Metropolis… T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More!

Stream/Buy 'iLIKE' HERE.

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Words: Ana Lamond 


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