Domino artists share cover versions...
Alexis Taylor x Bonnie 'Prince' Billy split

Now here's something...

Alexis Taylor and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy may - on the surface - appear to be poles apart. Yet the artists share a record label: namely, Domino.

Coaxed into the recording studio, the pair have agreed to record special cover versions for a new split single. Alexis Taylor has opted for 'The Weaker Soldier', from the 1996 Palace Music release 'Arise Therefore'.

In a neat twist, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has decided to cover Alexis Taylor's 'Am I Not The Weaker Soldier?'. And so the circle becomes complete...

Due for release on December 1st, you can check out the Zongamin Remix of Alexis Taylor's track below.

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