Check out her impromptu new song 'Don't Be A Dick'...
Anne-Marie (Credit: Sophie Mayanne)

Anne-Marie has addressed social media trolls and body image in a fantastic new video.

It's something most women can relate to - gain some small sense of fame, and trolls (usually creepy little boys) will congregate around your social media feed.

Anne-Marie has had more success than most, with her sublime pop vision leaving others in her wake.

Yet she can still be weighed down by the negativity of the online environment. Impromptu new cut 'Don't Be A Dick' addresses this, and it's hilariously catchy.

At one point she warns "Maybe try to compliment each other instead of chatting shit..." before adding: "Perhaps she lacks in confidence, she doesn't need to see your tweet about her appearance..."

Watch it now.

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Photo Credit: Sophie Mayanne

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