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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire have teased new cut 'Afterlife' - check it out now.

Arcade Fire are back. Well, almost...

New album 'Reflektor' is the subject of a global street campaign, leading up to its actual release date of October 28th. In the run up, the band have begun teasing out a series of cuts from the album, with a snippet of 'Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)' hitting the web earlier this week.

Now it's the turn of 'Afterlife'. A small portion of the track has been placed online, fuelling speculation amongst fans as to the direction the double album will take.

Fancy joining in? Listen to 'Afterlife' below...

Clash has already heard 'Reflektor'. Judging it to be the weakest of Arcade Fire's four studio sets, you can check out our review HERE.

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