Asian tour falls apart

US garage punk types Black Lips have been forced to flee India after their seven date of the country collapsed into chaos.

The band were duet to play a series of concerts, including an appearance on Indian TV, but have been forced to leave the country after enduring problems with the authorities.

The schism occurred when guitarist Cole Alexander jumped into the crowd at a show on Friday (January 23rd). As Indian music blog Indiecision puts it, the musician then "proceeded to get back on stage and make out with the other band members".

Oh dear! All that tongue-lashing is said to have enraged the tour promoters so much they went as far as informing Tamil Nadu Police, who told the band the tour was cancelled and that they were all going to be arrested.

A statement on the band's website says:

"They (the promoters) tried to get security to restrain us until the Tamil police arrived. We locked the door while they were kicking and banging on it. Meanwhile, we slipped out the other emergency exit."

After driving for ten hours to the next town the band faced a series of difficulties: "When we got to the next hotel a mysterious man and someone who worked for our Indian booking agency tried to run off with our passports," the statement said. "That's when our documentarian Rob went postal on them. We surrounded them until they gave back our passports. After that we booked the first flight to Berlin."

Black Lips do have some happy memories of India, however, with the band reassuring fans that "for future reference, we really enjoyed the people of India and we hope western rock bands will be able to tour there in the future."

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