Check out 'Do You See My Skin Through the Flames?'
Blood Orange

Dev Hynes has been busy of late, uploading some fresh material to SoundCloud.

The songwriter's latest offering is titled 'Do You See My Skin Through the Flames?' and it seems to address racial tensions in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings.

The track will not appear on the new Blood Orange album, with Dev explaining that it's "just some things on my mind". At one point in the track, the singer reveals that on his next album he will be "deconstructing myself, trying to work out who I am—not this painted image of who I was."

Elsewhere in the track, Dev Hynes muses on the meaning of his name: "I was looking up what my last name means—what its origin is. It's an Irish name meaning 'servant'.

Not only is my last name a name that originated from slave trade, but it literally means 'a servant'."

Check it out below.

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