Dark, brooding guitar pop with layers of shoegaze...

Bristol group INDIGOS are a key part of the city's underground music scene.

A three-piece who add darker elements to the shoegaze chassis, their songwriting picks up aspects of post-punk and layers them with muted effects.

Heading into the studio with producer Ben Johnson and IDLES guitarist Lee Kiernan, the band are close to sharing their debut EP.

Signing to revered house of fuzz Club AC30 for the new project, the band's self-titled EP lands on August 21st.

INDIGOS have decided to give fans a heatwave treat, with new single 'I'm Healed' airing through Clash.

"Our lyrics very often grow out of streams of consciousness as we bounce off each other’s ideas," they say. "We usually don’t know what a song is even about until it’s very nearly finished."

"Rather than trying to force a song into a preconceived ‘box’, we feel that creativity thrives on letting go of attachment to the end result, leaving the song to take on a form of its own, guiding the next steps we take, and essentially writing itself. Each song is as much a mystery to us as it is to anyone else, and that’s the way we like it."

A mystery within a puzzle, 'I'm Healed' opens with slender, interlocking guitar lines, akin to some kind of lost 4AD release from 1991.

Burrowing ever-inwards, the raw sound and personal lyricism pushes INDIGOS in a strikingly different direction.

Tune in now.

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