Transformation continues...
Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church is set to release her new EP 'TWO' through Alligator Wine Records on March 4th.

Think you know Charlotte Church? Think again...

Once an angelic choirgirl, the Welsh artist is focussing her sights on new influences. Opening herself up to breaking electronics and crunching indie rock, Charlotte Church recently unveiled a number of fresh tracks to overwhelming acclaim.

Now comes new EP 'TWO'. Set to be released on March 4th via Alligator Wine Records, 'TWO' continues the experimental vein of 'ONE' across five new tracks.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Glitterbombed
2. Breach of the Peace
3. The Mistress
4. Nerve 
5. Lasts, or Eschaton Here's 'Glitterbombed'.

- - -

'TWO' is set to be released on March 4th.


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