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Chicago duo Noir Disco have shared their take on 'Rockstar'.

The single was originally penned by Nickelback, but it's satirical swipe at rock theatrics never quite felt appropriate from the hairy rockers.

Chicago pairing Noir Disco were infatuated by the song as kids, and have returned as adults to deliver their own version.

A sparkling, effervescent dose of synth pop, Noir Disco are rebelling against the modern hyper-capitalist music 'ideal' to forge their own path.

'Rockstar' is a key part of this. In a surreal press note, the pair observe...

"They realized when they prioritized the pursuit of success in their life, they found themselves lonely and disconnected from the people close to them. They woke up to an American Dream which had become a Nightmare for both of them."

"Now, they feel deluded by this dream and lied to by the society and billboards which glorify the playboy mansions, money and the unlimited BJs of the Rockstar life. Even having tasted this life just slightly has been enough to say the Rockstar is not for them. Mick Jagger gets botox and we're just not interested in stuff like that anymore. We wish more people were open about the sadness of their experience. We want to prioritise laughter and community in this life, not the exclusive clubs all the pretty people hangout in."

The full video is online now, a colour-saturated, fluoro-soaked extravaganza - check out 'Rockstar' below.

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