With Sleigh Bells

A new issue of Clash magazine is available to buy now with Brooklyn's Sleigh Bells on the cover as we talk to the duo about new album 'Reign Of Terror'.

Three and a bit years since the pair first met, Sleigh Bells are ringing louder than ever. And with the release of ‘Reign Of Terror’ more people are going to hear than ever before.

If the title sounds ominous, it is. ‘Reign Of Terror’ is not, on the whole, a happy album. On the whole, in fact, it’s a very dark record - thematically, lyrically and, in its brash acerbic bursts of scuzzy, confrontational noise, musically, too. This is because, according to Miller - the duo’s songwriter, producer and lyricist, and former member of defunct Florida hardcore outfit Poison The Well - it’s a much more autobiographical record than both their eponymous 2009 debut EP and ‘Treats’, the band’s 2010 debut.

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