Rob da Bank causes internet storm
Daft Punk

Rob da Bank has inadvertently revealed that Daft Punk are probably going back out on the road any time soon.

True story: Daft Punk once genuinely played at our house. The French duo closed RockNess back in 2007, playing an astonishing set in the Clash Arena to fans who began queuing outside some eight or nine hours before. Since then, though, Daft Punk have rarely been seen in the live arena.

With a New Year dawning, fans began to hope that 2013 could bring with it a fresh set of performances from the iconic duo. Sadly, Rob da Bank has dashed those hopes. Speaking to a journalist recently, the festival guru inadvertently revealed that Daft Punk won't be going on the road in 2013. “There’s all kinds of crazy rumours flying about at the moment about Daft Punk at Coachella”, Bank told E Festivals, ”and The Rolling Stones playing Glastonbury. We got told months ago that Daft Punk were definitely not touring next year, but it keeps the rumour mill going.”

Whoops! Seemingly not clearing this titbit of information with management, Rob da Bank was then pressed into tweeting: “so my Daft Punk Not Touring quote seems to be picking up a bit of steam! i was under the influence of xmas shopping when interviewed so … id take it with a large pinch of salt…i dont even think Daft Punk know whether theyre touring next year! dont shoot the messenger.”

Let's end on a bright note: Rob da Bank also hinted at a big name headliner for Bestival 2013. Seemingly it's “the first time that this artist has played a festival in the UK, and as a UK exclusive too.”

Who could it be? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.


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