Now, hold on a minute...

The internet has increased the speed of the world to an incredible velocity.

In the blink of an eye an ordinary person can become a celebrity, only to come crashing down to Earth.

Right now, the ascendancy of Alex Mann is pretty much the only story on social media, something everyone has an opinion on.

The music fan attended Glastonbury at the weekend, and was invited to come onstage with Dave and rap a few bars.

Viral fame followed, but the sheer scale of it took everyone by surprise. The offer of modelling with boohooman was followed by an appearance on GMB, with even Piers Morgan offering words of encouragement.

Now Alex Mann has spoken to NME, revealing that he has had offers of a record deal.

He explains: “I’ve had a few labels and a few producers message me, so it could be a thing. I’m looking to do one or two songs in the future, see how they go.”

Alex Mann was almost instantly booked to play a PA set in Newcastle, but he wants to refrain some over-exerting himself post-Glastonbury.

"I’ve tried keeping stuff like that to a minimum," he says. "I’m just thinking what’s actually best at the moment, I’m trying to get in touch with some managers who can properly manage it all and make sure I’m doing the right thing. Because I obviously want to increase in popularity, but then I don’t want to overdo it and it to get a bit washed out."

Now, we're not ones to cast a negative cloud on a situation but...

Alex Mann is famous literally for karaoke on the Other Stage at Glastonbury. The artists he admires - the one whose music sparked his semi-fame into life - took years to hone their craft, often battling barriers of race in the process.

While it was undoubtedly a lovely moment, the way a path has been cleared for Alex Mann's ambitions clearly exposes elements of privilege in the music industry.

Equally, to go from holding a Glastonbury ticket to being offered a record deal in one week is a huge leap for anyone to make, both creatively and purely in terms of mental health.

Our advice? Alex - you're a nice kid, you're young, and if you want to make music then it'll no doubt happen for you. But take your time, check your privilege, and try to use your platform in the manner of your heroes.

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